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Everytime I open Icloud in either Mozilla Fox or Internet explorer, it takes a while to load. I know nothing is wrong with the internet connection because I can open up other websites.  It frustrates me everytime it does this because I paid for this, Gmail and hotmail is free and it loads faster. What is going on? My work is linked to my Icloud account. It makes me rethink my membership.

Windows 7
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    Well I cannot say for sure. But I believe rendering issues are to blame. I try it with IE9 and its slow to load.

    But If I use Google Chrome which is uses the same rendering engine as Safari "web Kit" it loads much faster.

    Same thing was happening with Mobileme too. Let's face it Apple basically ignores the other browsers compatibility with its apps. If it works fine if not that's fine too. I would try Google Chrome and although I am not a fan of Safari on a PC you could try it to see if its better.

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    Thanks! I tried it and so far it is much faster. Hopefully it will stay this way. Thank you