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I am having to use the power button to force my macpro to shut down because it's taking a very,very longtime via the normal command. Is there anyone out there who might be able to tell me what is possibly causing this problem and how to resolve it.

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    Are you stuck on the blue screen? That's what mine is doing. It's taking a very long time to start up as well--usually around 6 minutes total.

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    Yes but mine is even taking longer, on a few occasions it was hours,as I had left it and went out for a few hours and when I got back it was still trying to shutdown!

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    Not always a safe shutdown that way and could endanger any unsynched writes held somewhere in cache on the drive or system.


    Try Safe mode with nothing attached


    Try a clean install on another drive, you can always use it for testing or import migrate from old system later.

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    Launch the Console application by entering the first few letters of its name into a Spotlight search, and select "system.log" from the file list. Enter "BOOT_TIME" (without the quotes) in the search box. Note the times of the log messages referring to boot times. Now clear the search box and scroll back in the log to the time of the most recent boot when you had the problem. Look for error messages in the minutes before that time, and post them here -- the text, please, not a screenshot. Edit out excessive repeats, if any. Do the same with kernel.log.


    Also in Console, look under "System Diagnostic Reports" for crash logs, and post the most recent one, if any. For privacy’s sake, I suggest you edit out the “Anonymous UUID,” a long string of letters, numbers, and dashes in the header of the report. Please do not post shutdownStall or hang logs -- they're very long and not helpful.

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    Hi Linc,


    I am not sure what you mean by "Launching the Console application", can you please explain.

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    I mean that there is an application named "Console," just as there are applications named "Safari" and "Preview." You need to launch (start) it. The easiest way to do that, for most people, is to use Spotlight:


    Mac 101: Spotlight

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    Linc, I don't want to hijack georges184's thread, but I have a similar question elsewhere in the forums. Since I posted here, I got your request for error logs in my mailbox and put together a file of the messages before I realized you were replying in this thread and not my own. Would you mind taking a look at the messages?


    Georges184, you can also find Console in the Utilities folder. Click in any Finder window and type shift-command-U and you'll be there.

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    I don't see where I responded to a question posted by you. If I did, please post a link.

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    Hello Linc,


    These are the error messages:


    Jan 17 18:00:49 PID 195 Thread 0xB0081000 TigerPrinterAPI.cpp Line 1529 at AiOLibrary_CloseConnection() [35760/49099 ms]:Error thrown in


    Jan 17 19:59:18 PID 202 Thread 0xB0081000 TigerTCPUtilities.cpp Line 142 at ResolveNetService() [5470/58394 ms]:theError.error=kCFNetServicesErrorTimeout,theError.domain


    Jan 18 10:07:35 Error initializing printer:kAioError_InvalidPrinterContextHandle United Kingdom


    Jan 18 12:33:16 PID 197 Thread 0xB0081000 TigerPrinterAPI.cpp Line 1216 at AiOlibrary_OpenPrinterConnection() [11650/96026 ms]:Error thrown in


    I haven't come across any kernel log or anything was visible in the crash logs under "system Diagnostic Reports".


    I hope I've provided all the information necessary to resolve this problem but if I've missed anything please let me know.

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    Could you please post all the messages from system.log timestamped in the last few minutes before shutdown. You haven't yet told us your Mac OS version. The kernel log is listed right below system.log in Lion, or further down at /var/log/kernel.log in older versions.