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Does anybody know (or have a theory) why Apple discontinued iWeb?  I know a lot of people use Facebook now to post personal things, but there are also a lot of people like me who have websites for a professinal reasons. Apple is forcing us (and our money) to go elsewhere.

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    Probably because they're moving to the cloud with iCloud and sharing online that way instead of with websites on MMe and video disks from iDVD.  Personally I believe its a wrong or very premature move.


    I went with HostExcellence.com and their prices are a lot less than MMe were. 

    This should be of interest to you: Life After MobileMe.


    As you know iWeb and iDVD have been discontinued by Apple. This is evidenced by the fact that new Macs are shipping with iLife 11 installed but without iWeb and iDVD.


    On June 30, 2012 MobileMe will be shutdown. HOWEVER, iWeb will still continue to work but without the following:


    Features No Longer Available Once MobileMe is Discontinued:


    ◼ Password protection

    ◼ Blog and photo comments

    ◼ Blog search

    ◼ Hit counter

    ◼ MobileMe Gallery


    All of these features can be replaced with 3rd party options.


    I found that if I published my site to a folder on my hard drive and then uploaded with a 3rd party FTP client subscriptions to slideshows and the RSS feed were broken.  If I published directly from iWeb to the FPT server those two features continued to work correctly.


    There's another problem and that's with iWeb's popup slideshows.  Once the MMe servers are no longer online the popup slideshow buttons will not display their images.


    Click to view full size


    However, Roddy McKay and I have figured out a way to modify existing sites with those slideshows and iWeb itself so that those images will display as expected once MobileMe servers are gone.  How to is described in this tutorial: #26 - How to Modify iWeb So Popup Slideshows Will Work After MobileMe is Discontinued.


    In addition the iLife suite of applications offered on disc is now a discontinued product and the remaining supported iApps will only be available thru the App Store from now on.


    HOWEVER, the iLife 11 boxed version that is still currently available at the online Apple Store (Store button at the top of the page) and those copies still on the shelves of retailers will include iWeb and iDVD.




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    anybody recommend what sotware to buy for building websites for a real beginner ??

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    iWeb.  It will still be usable for quite a while to come.

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    trelev wrote:


    anybody recommend what sotware to buy for building websites for a real beginner ??


    Weebly. ...Unlike iWeb, Weebly is supported and being constantly improved — see their blog HERE. Weebly's software and hosting is free and, as it's browser-based, you'll be able to update your sites from any modern Mac or PC and easily collaborate with others on a site. "Weebly's net promoter score — an industry calculation of how likely users are to recommend a service to others — is an unusually high 80%." (Source)



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    Thanks Alan, this was v helpful. Im a complete beginner with building a website although I have one which was made for me (www.johntreleaven.com) When Ihave built my new site (for property letting purposes) will I then need a  web host or can I tie it to my present host. Thanks again for any helpful suggestions on this. Best John

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    John ~ You're welcome. Your site will be hosted on Weebly's servers, but if you don't like the default URL (http://yoursitename.weebly.com) you can set up a domain name (new or existing) to point to your Weebly site:


    Domains and Email