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We have a Final Cut Server setup where after two weeks assets will automatically be archived to tape. Every so often I am getting error messages that state something similar to the following:


Job 404117 Archiving 214452_upload.mov needs attention. Please login and troubleshoot.


The error that occurred was:

"ERROR: E_FILE Unable to find md file: /Volumes/xsan/MEDIA/devices/video.bundle/3dd/00000000000203dd_md No such file or directory"


Naturally I will look at the directory path and will not see the file. When I search for that particular asset it will show up as online, but the "original media" is grayed out. Then there will be an exclamation point over the file cabinet (which says the file is online). So the media is missing. When I look at the log of the file, there will also be an email that was sent out to the creator saying that the file was ready for editing.


Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.



Final Cut Server, Mac OS X (10.6.8)