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I'm trying to import all the contacts I have into iCloud. First, I made sure all my contacts are properly stored in Outlook 2010. Then, as support for exporting is simply appalling, I had to find something on the Internet, which worked fine. Just export all cards and then use a DOS command to put them all into one file:


Then, I tried importing it into iCloud. But it only imported about 50 cards of the total of 117 I have. So I checked which ones were not imported and I tried to import the ones that failed as individual cards. iCloud them said: cannot import because the format is not OK. And it gave me a button saying: "Learn more". So I clicked that and ended up on this page:


But looking at the requirements and limitations, my vcards all fall well within those!! I just don't have enough information to go on right now. Did I maybe use some fields within the cards that iCloud just doesn't want to take? I'm not sure, but I cannot proceed now...


Is there somebody out there who can help me?





iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1, 64 Gb model
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    OK guys,


    Here I am again... this is getting even more weird...

    I just synced the contacts that were imported correctly into iCloud to my iPhone (the odd 50 ones). Looking on my iPhone I see that ALL contacts have imported correctly!!! Including pictures and all. Contacts I tried to import individually into icloud later on (because they didn't show up in iCloud) even appeared as duplicates... weird...

    So on the one hand I am happy, having all my contacts in my iPhone. On the other hand I'm not happy, because not all contacts show up when I log on to


    So the problem sort of shifted...

    The problem appears to be that iCloud DOES import all the contacts (and why shouldn't it, they comply with all the limitations set by iCloud), but somehow the web interface on cannot show all contacts for some reason.

    Maybe this problem is better directed to Apple support... I'm not sure...


    Still anyone out there who can help, or has the same problem?


    Best regards,



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    I'm having the exact same problem -- did you ever figure this out?!

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    Since I just switched over to iCloud - was playing around - and trying to import just one VCF - virtually nothing in the contact - name phone number and an address, pretty standard and bare minimum in my case for contact details.


    Here is the screen shot of what it reports.....


    I am importing straight through contacts in Lioin in native address book - no problem importing the VCF, then up to iCloud, but the Web interface seems to be very twitcy.


    Tired of Apples stuff not working.  Most up-to-date everything dedicated to Mac is a good description of me... and Goodle Sync working better with address book (locally stored however) aka "On my Mac".  Yes even in Lion.


    If anyone has a thought on iCloud, that woudl be less 'cloudy', har har.... I am curious.





    Vcard Import.png

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    I am having the same issue and alert message when trying to import a vCard into iCloud/contacts. I tried it on a PC exporting the vCard from Outlook, and also on my MacBook exporting the vCard from Address Book (Lion). Same failure on both machines. I sometimes force sync contacts (one time only) from Outlook via iTunes on my PC to my iPhone and iPad and that worked fine. But the added contact nevers appears in iCloud/contacts. iCloud should sync the new contact entry from my iOS devices or from my MacBook address book, shouldn't it?  Also, I notice that I have multiple contact categories on my iPhone and iPad (which differ from each other) and only one on iCloud/contacts. On my iOS devices, selecting All on iCloud, the mising contact is also missing within that category.  How can I get iCloud contacts to update or to include all the contacts on my iOS or Address Book? Is is possible to copy a category or group to iCloud/contacts from another source? Since vCard importing seems to fail ow can it be done?

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    complicated...but I got it working....HERE IT GOES. You need;

    1. Outlook 2010 on a PC

    2. A GMAIL account

    In order to be able to import outlook .vcf cards into ICLOUD, you will not be able to do it directly, you need to export from outlook, then import to google account, then export out of the google account as *vCard format (for importing into Apple Address Book or another application)* and there you will be able to get all your outlook contacts, exactly as they are, into your icloud account.

    there are some limitations, as outlook does not let you EXPORT several vcards at the same time, and google does not let you import several vcards at the same time. here are the instructions to get this rolling.


    1. On outlook 2010, go to file, options, mail, and in the compose messages section select *plain text* from the dropdown box, then hit OK. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, for the next action to work.


    2. now go to CONTACTS, hit ctrl+a (will select all your contacts), then go up to the ribbon and on the SHARE section, where it reads Forward Contact, click on the dropdown and select *As Business Cards* (if you don´t do step one, outlook will crash attempting to create images of the vcards for each contact on an email message).


    3.if you did right, now you have a new email window opened, with all your vcards as attachment. select all the Vcards and copy.


    4.create a folder in C: and paste all those vcards in there.


    5.time to merge all vcards into a single one, for them to be uploaded into your GMAIL account, follow the instructions here l. this link will teach you how to merge various VCF using the command prompt.


    7.Once you managed to create one single .vcf files with all your contacts (don´t try to open it cause you will see nothing), go to your gmail account and import them. to do that, on the left upper corner of the screen, 3rd row, you’ll see the word *GMAIL*, click the dropdown there and select contacts. Moving along the same row, go to *More*, click the dropdown and select *import contacts*, then select the VCF file and voilà….you contacts are now in GMAIL.


    8.Now we will export the contacts select ALL contacts (if you have more than 100 contacts, you will need to do this in 3 or 4 pieces, selecting no more than 100 contacts to export) , then hit *more* and select *export contacts*. Use the last option, *vCard format (for importing into Apple Address Book or another application)*.


    9. this will give you a VCF files with all the contacts, in a format that ICLOUD will accept with no issues, then just sync your idevice, and that is it.

    Do not try to export a CSV file from outlook to import into gmail, because it will dump most of the contact info into NOTES instead of the fields. I hope it works for you all as it worked for me.

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    Many thanks!

    this works for outlook 2003 too

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    Thanks to Mr Shawn Parks for a full solution, with no crazy imports or Gmail stuff in the middle. Install the icloud control panel ( and be sure to, at minimum, sync contacts.  In addition to your personal address books you will see the icloud contact group in the outlook contact folders. Then just move the outlook contacts to Icloud and THEY WILL BE ALL THERE, in cloud and all your I devices. Don't forget to sync your contacts with I cloud in all devices!!!!

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    Unfortunately this solution doesn't help those of us using Windows XP since the iCloud Control Panel doesn't work under this version of Windows. We should be able to use iTunes to force a sync with Outlook contacts to any iOS device on which iCloud contacts sync is turned on and thereby update iCloud contacts. The format error reported when trying to import a vCard directly into iCloud is bogus if you can 'move' them into iCloud as you suggest above.  This is still a problem with that Apple is not fixing.

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    Right. Apple should fix the vcf import issue, and microsoft should work on a button to freaking export contacts into one single vcf file, to make everyone's life easier. Not even exporting a csv from outlook and then re importing the same, brings the contact info ok, because in the middle, the headers of the files are different than what outlook expects to map the import (and we are talking about OUTLOOK TO OUTLOOK)....nevertheless, look at the previous response I posted, that will work for XP with Outlook 2003, with the obvious differences in the outlook menues, that you will need to sort thru. I would also look at upgrading to windows 7 or 8 as cloud integration is being more considered now, and installing the cloud control panel makes it so much easier......hace a good day!!

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    I am experieincing the exact same issue, and spoke with a "Senior level advisor" at Apple who was stymied and awaiting a solution form Engineering. What is bizarre is that I can import a vCard that I've sent to myself via Outlook on my coporate PC, and it imports without issue to my Address Book on my local Mac. It also shows up immediately on both of my iOS devices but NOT in iCloud!!!! How is this possible? That said, there ARE a few vCards that CAN be imported successfully from Outlook into iCloud, and those are contatcs with MINIMAL information, so the issue must relate somewhow to the nature of fields that exist in the vCard, degree of information, etc.  Now, if I CREATE a new contact from scratch on my Mac the contact immediately displays and syncs (as it should) into iCloud. Apple needs to address what should be a routine procedure and make it right ASAP. has anyone found a solution yet?

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    I ran into the same issue but all I did was to enable icloud syncronization with contacts on the icloud control panel on my laptop. That creates a folder that you can just drag and drop your contact Vcards onto the Icloud contact folder. Those contact will be replicated on all of your Icloud capable devices.

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    I was messing with transferring my Android phone contacts to my iPhone. I exported my Android mobile contacts to SD card(.vcf format), transferred it to my Mac and tried to import it to my iphone via iPhone. But it was failiong all the time.


    Here is how I finally succeeded:


    1.) Transferred my Android contacts in the .vcf format to my MAC using USB.

    2.) I sync these contacts with my MAC Address book, using Microsoft OutLook.

    3.) And then exported the Contacts in the Mac Address book to Desktop (any location).

    4.) Now I logged in to iCloud from my iPhone and Web browser using the same account.

    5.) I selected the Contacts in iCloud.

    6.) Click on Contacts, And click the Settings icon, Import Vcards.

    7.) Selected the vCard exported to the Desktop.

    8.) And finally all Android phone Contacts reached in my iPhone.


    Hope this will work for you.... All the best....

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    I was having this same issue, this is how i fixed it:


    1.) Transferred my Android contacts in the .vcf format to my MAC using USB.

    2.) tried in import using icloud however it failed...

    3.) Open the .vfc file in a text editor

    4.) Find and replace VERSION:2.1 with VERSION:3.0

    5.) Save and retry import


    When i exported a contact form icloud, i compared the contents in a text editor the only difference i could see was the version number, plus some other apple text.


    -- Contact from Android








    -- Contact exported from iCloud



    PRODID:-//Apple Inc.//iOS 6.1.3//EN







    as you can see there is some additional information in the exported version, however the thing that sticks out is the VERSION number, once this was changed it worked fine... come on apple fix this!


    Good luck!




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    omg - THANK YOU.  was trying to do outlook express to icloud for a client and tearing my hair out.

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