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I recently turned off MobileMe on both my MacBook Air and my iPhone 4. When I did so, all appointments in iCal went away, but stayed on my iPhone. In iTunes, I selected syncing of my calendar, contacts, bookmarks, etc., and selected to back up to my computer, and not over wifi.


After syncing, everything in iCal disappeared. Contacts sycned properly.


Repeated attempts, same result.


Question: How can I get my Iphone's calendars to sync to iCal on my Mac?


I have:


MacBook Air (late 2010)

Snow Leopard 10.6.8

All software up to date.


iPhone 4

iOS 5.0.1


No iCloud

MobileMe syncing inactivated, account still active for email (for now).


I also have three "Home" calendars on my iPhone. I didn't create these. The screen reads:


From My Mac



From My Mac




On my MBA, only one Home calendar is listed. I have tried syncing "All Calendars" as well as the one Home calendar in "Selected Calendars." Neither option copied the calendars/data from my iPhone.


Note: I have elected not to move to Lion, or iCloud. Please do not suggest these as solutions (I see this recommended often); syncing over USB with the devices and OS's I have is my preference, and is possible, but just not working.

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    No solution found on forum. Tried reseting sync history in iSync (even though iSync oddly does not sync your iPhone to your computer, so instead you have to use iTunes, a music app, which is fu... never mind).


    Anyone? Anyone? Again: MoblieMe syncing disabled. Manual sycning in iTunes enabled. Contacts sync successfully. Calendar does not sycn. iCal is completely empty, so all my appointments are on my iPhone only.

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    I was having a similar issue with my iPod and iCal. Nothing I entered into my iPod was updating to my iCal. When I went into my iPod I realized that all of my bullets in front of my events from my iPod were a different color than the bullets in iCal. The events that were synced between my iPod and iCal were the same color, only the events that weren't transferring were different colors. So I went into the event on my iPod and edited it. Where it says "calender" I clicked on that and saw that there are options "from my mac" and "iCloud." I picked a category "from my mac" and then they all uploaded nicely next time I synced. Hopefully this is helpful and not too confusing. Good luck!