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My iPhone 4 keeps disconnecting from the WiFI....

When it was on the 4.3.5 version it had the same problem... I tried to do everything...

I Reset Network Settings .... ---> Didn't work

I Restored the phone and upgraded to IOS 5.01 ---> Didn't work


Is not the router ! I'm sure... The problem happens at my house, at my work, at the shopping mall, at my friend's house... EVERY WHERE


While I'm watching a YouTube video... Or downloading something in the AppStore the Wifi does not disconnect (stays normal. PERFECT).


BUT when I'm at the homescreen or simply NOT using the Wifi ---> It disconnect by itself.


That didn't happen to my iPhone 2g and my 3GS... They were perfect... BUT my iPhone 4 is truly driving me crazy !

I searched all the internet... I watched many "how to do" youtube videos... I even called a technician...



Some one who had the same problem. Did you fix it ? How ? I'm begging for someone to help me to fix this problem.



Please Apple. Help me !

iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1