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I have unfortunately been the victim of a burglary where they stole over £2000 worth of equipment, including my beloved Macbook.  I backed up on an external harddrive but at present we can't find it and think this may well have been stolen too.  The only place that I have my music is on my iphone 4.  Does anyone know how I can get music off of this onto a) an HP laptop (it's my work one) and b) a new macbook - we have insurance but it will take a while for them to replace the item.


I would really appreciate this as my music is trapped on my little iphone and much as I have it I can't update it or do anything to it. 


I am not the best with technology so I need a simple step by step guide.


  • Carolyn Samit Level 10 Level 10

    You can transfer iTunes purchases from the iPhone to the laptop.


    Launch iTunes on the HP. From the menu bar top of the screen click Store > Authorize This Computer


    Connect the iPhone.


    From the menu bar again, click File > Transfer Purchases From ...


    You can do the same procedure on the new Mac and you will have to "authorize" that computer also.


    If you can't locate the external drive, when it's convenient, backup your iTunes purchases >  How to back up your media in iTunes





    I'm sorry you got ripped off... that's awful.

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    Carolyn's advice is good as usual but it doesn't cover music not purchased from itunes. Many of us have lots of CD's ripped into itunes, for example.


    I bought a piece of software called Touch Copy which treats the iphone/ipod etc as an external drive from which you can copy your files to wherever you want. It's not expensive and it's saved me twice from losing stuff that I'd not protected/saved properly.




    Good luck