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I just spent a long while figuring out how to do this on my own so I thought I would share since there is little info out there.


This is for macs.  Surprised



Go to your finder, then go up to the toolbar and click Go. Then click "go to folder".

Type in the following

/Users/(your username)/Library/.A_o_b_o/


delete the file.


Turns out it was simple, but nobody was willing to just tell me and it took me awhile to find the information. Today I learned how to use the activity monitor and find the right process and identify which hidden folder it was in. So yep.



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.6)
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    Thanks for the report, any idea how you got it?

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    You are half way through probably, i did further research based on your commments .


    Open a Terminal and run below


    1. cd /Library

    2. ls -la | grep .A_o_b_o


    You would probably see all the package content out here which still runs the app in background .

    If you upgraded to Mavericks the software will get installed again automatically .


    Not sure if you have already chcked this , but thought would be usefull info for everyone .


    If you still have it there , you need to login via root id on terminal and delete the folder ,which would be end of story .


    Even if you are logged in as Administrator it will not alow you to delete , you need to change terminal id to root to perform this operation .


    Let me know how it goes .



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    Great info, thanks!

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    There are still files around the system though even you can remove from Library.


    Would recommend to Download the software again ...

    Right Click the Unistaller-STD and click show package Content ..

    Under MacOS Folder you will find Unistaller Folder .


    Right click and open in TextEdit.



    Not easy way though but this file has enough information where the  Aobo Files are located.

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    Ok Im getting pretty desperate now. Can't seem too frkkn remove the AOBO


    Everytime I start up my mac it show me a pop up that my trial period is over.


    I entered the command

    1. cd /Library

    2. ls -la | grep .A_o_b_o

    in Terminal and this is what I got


    drwxr-xr-x    4 root  wheel    136 Sep 15 14:52 .A_o_b_o_p_r_o

    Jeffins-MacBook-Pro:Library eL-Jefe$


    no idea what the **** it means.

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    @JJ-84 if you remember the password you setup initally while installing this it should be stight forward to remove .


    Please be carefull running these steps if you are not familier witn UNIX


    All below operation requires "root" login n terminal window...


    ENABLE ROOT :-- MAVERICK STEPS ---if you have any other OS please Google


    1. From the Apple menu choose System Preferences....
    2. From the View menu choose Users & Groups.
    3. Click the lock and authenticate as an administrator account.
    4. Click Login Options....
    5. Click the "Edit..." or "Join..." button at the bottom right.
    6. Click the "Open Directory Utility..." button.
    7. Click the lock in the Directory Utility window.
    8. Enter an administrator account name and password, then click OK. --->This is tricky bit  and i always got distracted with the step :--  You should  see below option on top bar of your mac window .....
    9. Choose Enable Root User from the Edit menu.
    10. Enter the root password you wish to use in both the Password and Verify fields, then click OK.




    Else the best way i found is the below steps ..

    First Part :--

    1. cd /Library

    2. ls -la | grep .A_o_b_o


    Make sure you login with root id on terminal ...


    3. rm -r  grep .A_o_b_o


    Second part as advice in earlier post by  tamliddell is to remove this as well .


    On terminal server :--

    1. cd /Users/(your username)/Library/

    2. rm -r .A_o_b_o


    Third Part :-- If at all required after above steps --This will hold Aobo to start with your computer

    1. Open system preference on you mac --> users and groups --> select your user --> and click on LOGIN ITEMS and uncheck if you have "ABK" program .

    These are the main files i figured it out which can log the information ..let me know how it goes .


    There would be few more files to remove but let me know how it goes and will catch up on cleanups.




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    Why not just use the uninstaller?

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    open Terminal :

    copy and paste it on terminal:


    open /Users/yourusername ex: afigatakishiyev/Library/.AppMac/




    delete manualy folder and that s ok!