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I downloaded the ITunes Match on my laptop but I cant find Match on my iphone3gs. Ive got iCloud on my phone and that works ok with other apps.

I've gone through all the updates and am sure Ive got the latest operating system.

Help please...

iPhone 3GS, iOS 5.0.1
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    There is nothing to download for iTunes Match. Go to Settings > Music and set iTunes Match to "on."

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    Its not there to switch on - thats the problem. Ive just been reading some links and it looks like others had this problem till they changefd to a ...@me.com address. Ive got this address but it isnt my Apple ID

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    What version of iOS is on your iPhone? You must be running iOS 5. Go to Settings > General > About to see which version of iOS you have on your iPhone.


    This KB article will be helpful after you upgrade iOS <http://support.apple.com/kb/ht4913>. If the article doesn't load the first time just reload the page.

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    I also don't have any iTunes Match options on my phone.  Except for me, iTunes Match is already enabled.  I want to turn it off though!  I am running iOS 5.1 but I don't have internet connectivity for my personal devices.

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    I'm afraid I don't understand what you mean. If you can be more specific we can help you better.

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    I am onboard a US Navy ship, so I can't connect my personal device to the internet right now.  My iPhone has iTunes Match enabled, but obviously, can't access the cloud right now.  I have my laptop, which has all of my media files saved to the hard drive.  I would like to be able to copy music from my laptop to my iPhone so I can use it as a music player at my desk.  (I am accessing this site from my work computer.)


    When I try to sync or copy music from my laptop to my iPhone, it does not allow me to copy the music over.  When I try to disable iTunes Match on my phone, I do not have any iTunes Match options in the settings app, or in the music app.  In the settings app, I've checked under General, iCloud, and Music sections.  Under the Music section, my only options are Shake to Shuffle, Sound Check, EQ, Volume Limit, Lyrics & Podcast Info, and Group By Album Artist.  There are no media-related options under iCloud (I am unable to access iCloud Account Information since I do not have internet connectivity).  Wi-Fi Sync is enabled as well.  I have connected my iPhone to my laptop using an Ad-hoc Wi-Fi connection with no issues (my iPhone shows up in iTunes on my laptop).


    In iTunes on my laptop, there are no options associated with iTunes Match.  When reviewing my iPhone with iTunes on my laptop, the Music tab only has the Voice Memos option.  If I drag some music files from my music library to my iPhone, I get an error stating that iTunes Match is enabled.

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    I was able to connect my iPhone via Wi-Fi recently, and only then did the iTunes Match feature show up under the Music options in the Settings app.  I'm not sure if this is a bug or if this is by design, but the Apple specialist seemed to think I should be able to access this setting without an internet connection.