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Somebody help, Before I go in sane!!! I want to use Remote App on my iPhone to control my ATV 1st gen.

Whe I follow these instuctions TO THE LETTER.


Apple TV (1st generation)

  1. Connect iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to a Wi-Fi network that is connected to the local network that your Apple TV also connected to.
  2. Open the Remote app on your mobile device.
  3. Select Add an iTunes Library in the Remote settings screen. Remote will then display a 4 digit passcode.
  4. On Apple TV, select Settings from the main menu, select General and thenRemotes.
  5. Select the name of your iPhone or iPod touch.
  6. Enter the 4 digit passcode. Use the volume up/down keys on the Apple Remote (Infrared) to change the number that is displayed and the track next/back keys to switch digits.
  7. Click Done.

I don't get the interface which includes the trackpad (the whole point). I get the iTunes version.

Has anyone got an idea what I'm doing wrong. I have re-enstalled the App. over and over, same result every time!!



Apogee Duet, Mac OS X (10.5.8), MacBook Pro
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    It does still work for me - i can't quite remember the layout at the moment - will come back to you if no one else does.



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    That would be great, thanks.

  • Bill C Level 2 (465 points)



    For what it is worth, you have described the pairing process correctly It should be working for you.


    Make sure you have gone back "out" to the the top level of the REMOTE APP interface.  You should see a selction of AppleTV's [at least one] on the list.


    Select the 1st Apple TV from the list.  This will bring you to the "playlists" itune list [probably]


    Observe the bottom of the screen and you should see


    Playlists - Artists - Control-Search-More



    Obviously, you want to select "Control"  It has the four arrows pointing North/South/East/West.


    Once you select the "Control" tab, you should see the familiar Menu and "TackPad" interface that you are looking for.


    I have a 1st Gen and 2 2nd Gen ATV's working, all controlled from Ipad 1 and iPhone [4S].


    Everything you described is correct.


    Knowledge Base is here for a logical troubleshoot..







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    Thanks Bill.  I said i would come back to this but when posts disappear onto other pages it's easy to forget!

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    I'm not 100% sure on this.... but it sounds to me like your using the remote app and not the remote hd app which is a $7.99 pay for app and works differantly

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    HI Alley_Cat,


    No worries.  I had a similar problem where my first-gen ATV just dropped of the radar for a few hours [flaky network I think] and I had to go back through this process [Not as intuitive as it could be]


    Anyway, looks like it is sorted.





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    I have the same exact issue. how did you resolve it in the end. I have paired succesfully but I cannot see the control section. It is like i'm connected to an itunes library on my computer.


    I also have the first generation apple tv and before apple remote 3.0 I had no issues seeing and controlling my apple tv with this app via the touch control menu.


    Its like its not seeing the apple tv as an apple tv, rather just seeing it as an itunes library on a computer