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Mac Pro 2008 with a Nvidia GT8800. Two monitors started to flicker in a strobing way then became unresponsive. After restarting the computer, the gray loading screen with the apple symbol and gear appear for a while then freeze. The computer continues to work in the background, I know this because I can hear skype load and startup, but I can't see anything but the gray loading screen jerked 1/3 of the way to the side with a little blackness in the top left corner.


I can control the computer a little bit with some remote access software I have installed, but I cannot run the computer in safe mode, or do much else in the way of maintenance because the computer needs to auto boot my remote access software in order for me to see anything that it is doing and safemode does not do this.


I think it might be my graphics card, but could it be software? I just installed Dragon Dictate 2.0 which had a memory leak so I stopped using it, but didn't uninstall. I've also read a few things about RAM going bad and having effects on the displays, but the computer seems to be running fine in the background. Also, since it affects both monitors I don't think it's a connection problem as they have separate cords going into separate ports on the back of the Graphics Card.