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I made a new project in iMovie, and I want to burn it onto a DVD, but my iLife package did not come with iDVD, so how do I burn a DVD from iMovie without iDVD?

iMovie '11
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    Ask Apple to give you iDVD or purchase the app via the Apple Store iLife '11 DVD.

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    HI I had the same trouble.


    I rang support this is what they sent me to download.


    http://www.creativetechs.com/iq/easily_burn_movies_to_a_dvd_without_apples_idvd. html


    When your ready go to share i choose export to quicktime on the desk top.


    Am a happy little vegimite DVD movie excellent..

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    The method described above will indeed give you a very simple, basic DVD.


    I think that iDVD is well worth the $39 price. It will allow you to create movies with menus, moving menus and other nice graphics.


    IDVD is simple and easy-to-use (I began using it within 5 min. and never read any directions).






    Buy Here:  http://www.amazon.com/Apple-MC623Z-A-iLife-VERSION/dp/B003XKRZES/ref=sr_1_1?ie=U TF8&qid=1327642585&sr=8-1

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    I went to buy Ilife all the products have been recalled !!!

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    you have a very legitimate point. To my knowledge, there is no more secure way for archival storage than a DVD stored in a dark, cool, plastic enclosed jacket (to protect from scratches). after experiencing hard drive SATA storage discs (time capsule failures in particular) fail, want to go back to DVD storage, but now everyone wants to sell you a new program and 2 TB backups.


    So what to do? Dumb down my Lion OS  back to Leopard and go back to the good old days when I could get something done?


    Having "switched " from MS to Mac almost 4 years ago, ready to go back. I had fewer hassles with my computers, got more done, and had lower blood pressure ten years ago than I do now, although Windows is always a "Johnny come lately" when it comes to any new innovation, having merely perfected the art of monopoly. lately though, have become very disenchanted with Apple, and will not be replacing /repairing my MacBook pro, macMini,  iIMac when they finally break.


    Is there any you tube site that someone could show me how to simply plug my Sony 8mm camcorder with the old Motorola style plugs (also has an S -video option) to the Mac Mini and burn the DVDs one by one? No editing. no fancy stuff. Just a straight out burn for archival storage? I want to get that done first before I mess with the hard drive back ups.



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    A burned DVD (except as data) is a highly compressed version of your source files. I don't think it's what you really want for long term storage.

    An external hard drive (cheap) to store your source files in an less compressed and editable file format seems like a better long term solution. If you're shooting in SD and on an analog creation device you may be better off buying lots of tapes and another camera that can play them (dying tech).