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Is there anyway to switch between Artwords for individual pieces of music? From searching Discussions I can only find outdate information. Yes, arrows are gone and using the command and other keys does not work. Cover artworks help identify an album. But it is also convenient to have back cover album lists of content but they must appear first in the art display in Artwork information which defeats the purpose of using the cover page to hep quickly identify all music in an album.


Are is there no solution to what at one time was pretty intuitive. Intuitive is sort of what makes Apple special.

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    You are right, i did not realize the arrow were gone. Going with CMD-I is not very fast and does not display artwork in large size (the way i like them)


    I looked but could not find it. Strange

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    The artwork selectors vanished two builds ago. I, and presumably others, have submitted feedback & bug reports. Maybe next time...



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    It's a conundrum, but it must have been a purposeful decision on Apple's part (?). Now I move secondary pics (back cover, details etc.) to first choice for the 2nd music selection but it's not what once could call eloquent.

    (?) indicating sarcasm.

    A sarcasam emoticon would be handy.


    Opps. Meant to click "correct answer", turingtest2


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    I can't think of a good reason for removing the feature, particularly since you can still embedded multiple artwork via Get Info., so I'm tempted to assume it's a mistake. When it disappeared so did the option to copy from the artwork panel and that option has since been restored, so they are certainly capable of making mistakes and then repairing them.


    My bug report is still open and I've updated it to say the issue is still present.



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    Ha! was able to click appropriately this time. You are optomistic, tt2, and I usually am too; so we both look forwards to Apple's slip beign de-slipped. (Doesn't seem to be a spell checker here. Boy, am I in trouble.)

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    Hey, I was really annoyed by this too, and I have also used Bug Reporter, hoping to get response from the dev team, but I don't have much hope.


    My theory is that Apple dropped this function in order to reduce album art to just one picture, because it might cause to much trouble with iTunes Match.

    I think it is no coincidence that this feature was removed about the same moment the iTunes Match service was launched.

    I could be wrong, but as I understand, there's several methods for adding artwork, the only way to embed it into the files is to add it through the "get info" pane.

    If people embed the artwork in the file itsself, this alters the file, making the file longer. Maybe Apple doesn't want too many duplicate files with variations of artwork on its Match servers?

    Does that sound plausible? I know it's a speculation, just thinking for any reason why they would remove a useful feature.


    I'm really angry about it. I've spend uncountable hours of work since 2003 adding artwork to my library.


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    Your specuations make sense, --A--C--. Apple may have to follow specific guidelines for iTunes to work at peek with other resources beyond its control. I hear some complaints that iTunes has become a behemoth and unstable; haven't seen that, myself. So, maybe for stability we must lose a few features.


    To keep things simple I am now using one piece of art pr song/Album and for the albums I want the album list I will have to park that info into comments, however tedious. But what if comments is dropped?


    Tis a conundrum; there are times I wish Apple were a little more straightforward.

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    I hope they temporarily disabled the feature until they sort it out how to make it work with iTunes Match, without having millions of duplicate song versions, if my above assumptions were right.

    These two clues give me a little spark of hope:

    - You can still add secondary artwork through the "get info" pane. If they really wanted to get rid of the feature, why didn't they make it entirely impossible to add more than one picture?

    - Don't know if you noticed: The moment you add secondary pictures to an album, and press ok, while your mac is updating the files, for a few seconds you can see the arrows appearing briefly. When it's finished they're gone again. So the code for the arrows was probably not deleted but temporarily disabled somehow.


    On the other hand, it could be that they don't want to create too much fuss about all this, and remove things step by step... To see how many people would miss it really, how many complaints they receive. Or they were simply too lazy too delete all the code for multiple artwork thoroughly.

    Check this link:


    In this similar thread Dave Spencer claims he has spoken an Apple Senior Tech Adviser about it, who confirmed the feature was removed. No more info on the question "why" though.


    The worst thing is: I'm not even interested in the whole Match thing. I just want the best music organizing software available. iTunes was pretty good so far. Why taking a huge step backwards by not supporting multiple cover art. It was a basic feature!


    Bottomline: please people, complain about it at the feedback page:


    and/or use Bug Reporter. Let Apple know we don't agree with dropping this feature!

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    This was a disgraceful change by Apple. I spent hours loading front, back and centre artwork for my thousand of songs and in one flick of a switch it is renedered useless.



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    Hi Dave.


    This thread is over a year old. If you've installed iTunes 11 you'll notice there isn't even an artwork panel to restore the arrows to any more. My early optimism regarding a temporary blip was obviously misplaced. If you'd still like access to the various images within the context of iTunes then the only workaround that comes to mind is to create your own digital booklets. This would not only allow access to the images but render them full size on the screen instead of in a tiny window in the corner.



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    Thanks tt2. I have upgraded to iTUnes 11 which I really like but I'm so annoyed with Apple for not providing a switching arrow for the artwork. Thanks for your suggestions I have taken them on board.

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    Worte my 2nd complaint to Apple about the artwork arrows, well see if anything happens in the next update....