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    Hi Kikiinjuneau


    I wonder if you can help me - I have a 2009 A1811 MacBook model with the same cracks to the palm rest - my local Apple reseller are telling me my macbook isn't covered because it more than four years old but everywhere online it seems then cut off is actually five years


    Did you have a 2009 model?


    You can email me direct at


    I would appreciate it




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    Hi Troy,


    I'm the one about 2 or 3 posts back. Same 2009 model A1811 as yours. (It's my daughter's) Asked lots of questions everywhere on line, got lots of different answers. Seems to me like it depends on the Apple service place itself and maybe also their own relationship with Apple. I get the impression nothing is written in stone. Essentially, 1 year warranty on that top plate and everything else (exlcusing clear abuse), somewhat more (maybe 3yrs more??) if you bought Applecare(R), which we did not. My daughter's whole top plate was replaced free within its first year. This past year -- before the 4 year mark -- the plastic around the screen -- both front and back -- were covered for some reason they had a hard time explaining to me. They had to look into it, ask Apple and get an answer. Maybe the person at Apple was in a good mood. I think they, themselves, have to feel out Apple to see what Apple will cover. 4 years seems to be the cutoff for everything -- except when it's 5 years. For reasons unknown. We really didn't need the top plate replaced this year (before the 4 year mark), but it was developing a few little chips. It's about $170 because it has the whole keyboard and touchpad built into it. I had to have them replace the hinges (the metal ones inside, which were really going), and the hard drive, which was developing a lot of bad blocks (imminent death if you're going to go from Leopard to Snow Leopard, as I was planning to do. Total diagnostics -- I mean like EVERYTHING -- for $49. Had to pay for all the dissassembly (it's a lot!) and the hinges. The people I know did a wonderful job with that:  $85 to replace the old, battered 160GB HD with a brand new 500GB drive (smallest they even have anymore), load it with Snow Leopard (as far as that model can go), transfer ALL the stuff and update ALL the programs. ALL for $85, and that followed extra, extra dianostics that were gratis. But they are an unusual place. Don't know where you are, but as I say a page back, I highly recommend Digital Society in NYC. Stay away from Tekserv!!!!!!!! $250 just to walk in the door and get your hand stamped. More if you actually order a cup of coffee. HOW ON EARTH my guys managed to call Apple and get Apple to pay for a whole new top plate (plastic plate, keyboard and all) --$170 --  I do not know.

    But from what I've seen, the 4 year, 5 year, 1 year thing seems to be an irrational variable. Based on calculus, or irrational math of some sort, or prime numbers, or sun spots....maybe just ask 10 places. Luck be a lady tonight, as Brando said in Guys and Dolls. Sorry. I wish I had an answer. I've looked and looked and can't find a real, hard and fast answer anywhere -- just individual experiences. Maybe ask a dozen places, find the nicest one, ask for a new HD and hinges (you might need them anyway at this point -- who knows?) and maybe they'll get you the top plate courtesy of Apple. Maybe if you flirt with the tech person. Who the **** knows???????????

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    Hi Das187


    Thanks for the very comprehensive response - yeah I'm struggling with this as there doesn't seem to be any consistency when dealing with my local Apple reseller


    I have a small business using lots of laptop Macs - I've had many of the unibody macbook displays replaced due to the hinge issues on those models but early this year I took in a 2007 A1181 first gen model in due to the Palm rest (top plate) cracks and they said that model is now vintage , it's six years old and so is outside the five year replacement program period - I got an email actually stated that the A1181 topcase replacement program is only eligible within 5 years from purchase


    So based on the info - plus all the discussion content that verifies this - I decided to take my early 2009 model in as that would be definitely with the 5 year period - the first thing the tech said was "oh these models are vintage now so definitely not covered " I said Its the old A1181 model correct but it's actually the later 2009 model Apple briefly rolled out in early 2009 due the customer complaints when the A1278 aluminum unibody model came out without FireWire - Apple then released the A1342 white unibody in late 2009 and discontinued the previous model including the aluminum model they rebadged as MacBook Pro . Despite this the 2009 A1181 model still suffers from the topcase cracking, is no different in design with the 2006/2007/2008 A1181 MacBooks so therefore should qualify for replacement


    The tech seemed baffled and then said "ah yes early 2009 but I think the program is only four years on these " I said why would that be different if it's the same model ?


    So they're getting back to me with a yay or may on Monday


    I'm in Sweden by the way - I'm sure an official Apple store would do it and I do believe it's who you deal with in the day in my experience



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    While reading these success stories I got some hope for my 2009 late macbook which has got cracks near port and near both sides of screen hinge.

    Before this day I did not even know that cracks are known issue with these models.


    People here in India don't usually get the same treatment as States.

    May I request kikiinjuneau to forward me the job order so that I can produce something as a proof to the local apple authorised service provider.


    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi TwiTiot


    Yes I you have the late 2009 unibody Macbook A1342 model Apple are replacing the whole screen assembly due to the cracked hinge issue - I've had 9 of my business Macs done - warning though the program was only for years from date of manufacture so now it's November 2013 that's cutting it fine - I just got mine turned down as the date of manufacture was April 2009 so no joy!! They were manufacturing these until early 2010 though so you could be lucky


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