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I have apps transfered from my iPod touch on iTunes....and of course these apps have user data associated with them (game levels etc).  I want to transfer these apps to my new iPhone 4s, but all I seem to be able to do is sync, which does move the apps to the iPhone, but without the associated user data...isn't there some way to have games on both my iPod and iPhone, and keep the user data?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1
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    You can backup the iPod touch and then restore the iPhone from the iPod's backup.


    You can upgrade one device with the backup from a different type of device; most settings will transfer to the new device.

    (from http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1414)

    To backup or restore you just right click your device on the left side of iTunes. Check out this Apple article for more info -> iTunes: Backing up, updating, and restoring iOS software

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    If you save a backup of your iPod Touch then you can restore your iPhone from that backup because backups do save application data such as high scores and such from games.

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    Approach the "backup iPod, restore to iPhone" technique cautiously. 


    I did this using a backup from a 2nd generation iPod touch (almost 3 years old) to a new iPhone 4S and encountered some strange issues.  After restore, I found that location services were essentially turned off (the master location services switch was on, but location services for all apps were disabled). The settings were locked (greyed out) such that I could not change any of them.  This rendered Siri - not to mention many apps - considerably less useful.  I kept getting a response of "I don't know where you are, turn on location services."  An Apple support rep directed me to do a master reset of all settings, but that was locked as well.  It prompted me to put in the "Restriction Passcode" (presumably set back on the iPod), but I don't remember what I set it to.  There's a limit on the number of tries you get for the passcode.  I tried several passcodes that I figured I'd have used but none worked.  The next logical step would be to restore the iPhone from one of its own backups, but since it was brand new, I had yet to make one.  So I did a complete restore to factory settings.  I am still searching for a way to do partial restoration of backed up data so that I can restore application data without messing up the core settings and configuration of the device.

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    Do you have any updates for this method? I am about to go from a second gen ipod to a iphone 4s also and I am almost completely sure this will happen to mine too...

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    I am about to go from a 1st gen iPod Touch to an iPhone 5 and I am not sure if i should restore it from the ipod? What will it affect?