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Has anyone had problems downloading itunes especially in a times you need to solve a problem with your phone? I had a problem where my iphone 4S could not make calls or receive calls. Resetting the phone did not work! After speaking to apple representatives regarding resolving the problem, the matter could not be sorted because I was unable to download itunes. I thought there was a problem with the apple website then I shutdown my virus checker (webroot). After this was shut down then itunes could be downloaded. It appears that "webroot secure-anywhere" sees itunes as a virus/malware and therefore refuses to download the problem, although the download progresses to around 99%. I hope that this tip will help other users deal with issues with the iphone.


Make sure you cancel the download of itunes, restart your pc, after the restart shut down webroot, download itunes then you have it. Connect your iphone to the pc then restore. if your worried about losing your numbers then back-up first. Good luck! By the way you will lose your apps!

iPhone 4S, Windows XP