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I haven't been using my iPhone 4s long, and only just recently tried taking photographs. Firstly, i noticed when i take photographs in poor lit areas the flash would white wash the picture on 60% of the photo. I do not have any kind of case or screen protector.


secondly, when i observed the camera lens to check for finger prints or scratches i noticed that something inside the glass is slightly covering the lens.


I looked on Google for pictures of the rear of the iPhone 4s and i came to the conclusion that my camera has something inside that shouldn't be there.


When i was trying to book a service or return throught apple website, they dont acknowledge anything at all to do with the camera, and the only thing it says in the technical support is to restore iphones software.


Anyone had anything like this?


ill try and get a picture up for you to see,  but basically if you look at the camera glass there is something i can only describe as a "half moon" covering the actual lese.

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    If there is a physical object underneath the camera, of course a software restore wouldn't do a thing. Is it convenient for you to make a Genius Bar appointment at an Apple Store or go to another authorized support service?


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    Cant really get to a Genius bar because of working hours and its pretty far, what are my options?

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    Its alright now, I opened the back and this is what i found.(picture below) Somekind of protection around the camera wasnt stuck on correctly at production which caused the white wash and the "half moon" over the lens.



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    My iPhone 4S has the same problem. Been trying to figure out why half of my lens is covered, but couldn't find an answer. I have also noticed that when taking close up pictures my phone has a hard time focusing. I would really like to know if this is a manufacturing issue and if so what are my options of getting it fixed or a replacement phone.