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I looked at the "About Motion" box to see what version I have. It says 5.0. I wondered if there was an update, so I started to search. 30 minutes later, I'm no closer than when I started.


The first obvious thing I did was choose Software Update from the Apple menu. It tells me that all of my software is up to date, so I decided to check further just out of curiostiy.


I found this page telling me what's new in Motion 5.0.1:



I found this page with the Motion 5.0.1 release notes:



When I go to the downloads page, all I see for Motion 5 is the Content update: 



So, what am I missing? Is there a 5.0.1? If so, where is it?


Related questions...

Is there an automatic update option for Motion? I sure can't find one. It's easy to find that option on iTunes. If there isn't one for Motion, why not?


Yes, I'm a bit frustrated at this point (sorry). Any help would be appreciated.