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An issue a could not resolve so far:


I access via ARD my MacMini (Lion Server), on which the monitor kust supports a screen resolution 13xx X 768. The Mac from which I access the MacMini has a screen resolution  1680 X 1050. I would like to have the MacMini Screen resolution also at this rate to work more comfortable, but could not find s solution for ARD so far.


Even when pulling the monitor cable from the MacMini does not provide me the possibility to access it with another screen resolution. On Windows based PCs this works for years very easily with the free Microsoft software "Remotedesktop". Is there a similiar possibility for the Mac OSX Lion?


Thanks a lot for your support!

Apple Remote Desktop 3.4, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    On the server, have you enabled the display menu? If so ones you ARD into the server, have you tried using the display  menu to change the screen resltion? (or you could try changing the screen resolution in system prefrences displays)

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    Yes, I have the enabled display menu and also tried the system preferences to change, but there also the maximum resolution is the one of the attached monitor on the server which is available in the preferences or display menu, not the resolution I like to have on my client.

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    same with the display unplugged and using system prefrences displays? Even after a nvram reset?

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    Yes, I tried this also. But even if this would work, it would be a bad solution, though I don't want to plug and unplug the monitor every time I use it or not. I just want to turn off the monitor, access the Mac Mini by ARD, another time use the monitor directly - for sure then in the apropriate resolution.

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    I found a solution now, after digging desperately in the internet and trying out several scripts and command line tools which all did not work, also not changing the boot resolution.

    I found a shareware tool called SwitchResX, in which you can define your own resolution, independant of the one of the attached monitor. This works really fine and I am happy with it now.

    The only missing thing now is that I get the audio output on my client, the same way as the Microsoft Remotedesktop software does this for Windows servers.


    Thanks a lot for your effort!

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    Have you tried airfoil?


    SwitchResX is nice, but I assume that means your going to have to switch resolutions before using your LCD display.

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    Right, I have to switch the resolution, but this is ok. For me it is important to have a higher resolution when accessing the server.


    Thanks for the hint with airfoil. Unfortunately there is a latency in the transmission, even though the two Macs are on a gigabit network, the transmitted audio is cut in sequences. I don't know why, though the network transmission rate shall be sufficient.

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    Well could be other traffic on the network? Perhaps there a way to set airfoil to use less bandwith. It be worht asking with airfoil support.