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My ipad will not pair with a device. What do I need to do?

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    What type of device are trying to pair with ? Bluetooth on the iPad is aimed at devices such as headphones and keyboards, so if you are trying to pair with a phone or computer then it won't work - supported Bluetooth profiles : http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3647

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    The device is a Bose sound link. I had it paired before and now it will not discover it. If I told the iPad to forget this device, what do I do now? Thank you!

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    From http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4111 :

    If you are unable to see the accessory in Settings > General > Bluetooth:

    • If a pairing record already exists, try to connect the accessory using that pairing record, or delete the record and pair again.


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    Hi everyone


    Something is missing on the above posts


    My android phone pair with iPad Air but i cannot pair the iPad AIr with MacBook pro.


    For the records they are bith legimit, and both appear with the same number, but after that the connection on MacBook Pro is broken and iPad keep trying to pair, although it find it.


    Can this make some light on the posts above?


    I really don't know if this is a problem as i had allready saw on other post that:

    "iPad only pair with keyboards and speakers".


    Can someone makes light on my mind about this issue?


    MacBook Pro + iPad Air

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    You can not pair a phone or computer with an iPad, it just will not work and the iPads bluetooth profile does not have the capabilitie built in to do so.


    Bluetooth once again on the iPad is meant for pairing with bluetooth keyboards, headsets, car stereos and to computers/phones only for the purposes of tethering which is to share the iPads cellular connection if it has that built in.

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