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we have the following problem. Our  Ipad is synchronized using Itunes with a Macbook. From time to time we need to transfer a few PDF files from a PC to the Ipad. We can only use a cable here, since WLAN isn't available and files cannot be transferred through the internet.


When I tried to attach the Ipad to the PC it wanted to delete everything on it and sync with the Itunes Library on the PC.


Is there a way to transfer the files without deleting everything?

I called support but that didn't really help me.


Thanks in advance for your input.

iPad 2, iOS 5.0.1
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    Download the free app "Dropbox", then go to the website on your computer and download it there too. Whatever you transfer/copy into Dropbox on one device will show up on the other(s). …OR … you can just email stuff to yourself( as an attachment) from one device, then open the email on the other device and download the attachment.


    But that's not as cool as using Dropbox… ;-)



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    Classic Mac OS

    I recall reading there is an option in iTunes that says not to sync.  You can then transfer individual files.



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    After connecting to itunes (you can turn off automatic syncing) you can select apps and you will see a list of apps on the ipad that support file sharing to and from the computer.  You can go back and forth with files that way as long as your files are in an app that supports this.  Many are, such as Keynote, Quickoffice, Garageband, etc.

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    There are apps that will play most any type of video file, so you don't have to convert them to your iTunes library. However, to get to the file sharing section for these apps (where you copy the files to your device), you need to use iTunes since it is in the apps section.

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    Mac OS X

    The problem with Dropbox is that you can't get the files out of Dropbox on the iPad to use elsewhere so Dropbox is basically a back-up program


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    In your case, the key is to keep your iTunes organized in the way you can perform the sync without losing data. Obviously the most efficient way would be using the internet to add isolated files. If your workplace has only wired connection, a very basic and cheap solution can be adding a USB Wireless Adapter that costs around 30 bucks. With this adapter you can create an ad-hoc network between one PC and the iPad and then get internet on it.


    Another way is to use a laptop that have Ethernet adaptorand Wireless adaptor. In the same way, you can create an ad-hoc network and share your wired internet connection through the wi-fi to the iPad. You can even use your smartphone to share the internet connection. This kind of connection from smartphones are called tethering connection. The iPhone is ready to tether by USB...not sure if can tether via wifi. It should do...On the Android phones 100% sure that works. Thats what I do when I'm on pyblic transport and want to use internet on my iPad to watch some videos on the go.


    With the internet connection on the iPad,you can use Dropbox to put Documents into the iPad or even use iCloud to doit.

    There's many ways to do it...just choose which way you want to use.


    I hope it helps.

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    set iTunes to prevent iPads from syncing automatically


    for windows go to edit>preferences>devices then check prevent iPod iPhones and iPads from syncing automatically


    -then follow file sharing >



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    You can use FileAppPro on the iPad and Diskaid on the Mac and leave the iTunes environment entirely - no Internet or wlan needed either.