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I can't restore or update my ipod because of error 3194.


The process always crashes right after "Verifying restore with Apple". I've read that the problem can be caused by downloading illegal software/jailbreaking the ipod (http://www.fixerrorcodesnow.com/error-3194) but I've never done that.


I have the latest version of itunes. My computer's OS, Windows 7, is fully updated. I've restarted everything about ten times. This error has persisted for about three months and I've emailed itunes store support twice in that time (completely unhelpful).


Any ideas?

iPod touch, iOS 4.3.3
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    This device is not eligible for the requested build: Also sometimes displayed as an "error 3194." If you receive this alert, update to the latest version of iTunes. Third-party security software or router security settings can also cause this issue. To resolve this, follow Troubleshooting security software issues.

    Downgrading to a previous version of iOS is not supported. If you have installed software to performunauthorized modifications to your iOS device, that software may have redirected connections to the update server (gs.apple.com) within the Hosts file. First you must uninstall the unauthorized modification software from the computer, then edit out the "gs.apple.com" redirect from the hosts file, and then restart the computer for the host file changes to take affect.  For steps to edit the Hosts file and allow iTunes to communicate with the update server, see iTunes: Troubleshooting iTunes Store on your computer, iPhone, iPad, or iPod—follow steps under the heading Blocked by configuration (Mac OS X / Windows) > Rebuild network information > The hosts file may also be blocking the iTunes Store. If you do not uninstall the unauthorized modification software prior to editing the hosts file, that software may automatically modify the hosts file again on restart. Also, using an older or modified .ipsw file can cause this issue. Try moving the current .ipsw file, or try restoring in a new user to ensure that iTunes downloads a new .ipsw.

    Error 3194: Resolve error 3194 by updating to the latest version of iTunes. "This device is not eligible for the requested build" in the updater logs confirms this is the root of the issue. For more Error 3194 steps see: This device is not eligible for the requested build above.


    Above from:


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    iTunes error 3194 can be caused by a variety of issues. The most common solution is updating iTunes. However, if you are currently running the latest version of iTunes, you can try the other solutions posted here. Hope this helps!

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    Thanks for the help! Here's where I am:


    I've gotten a lot of directions to the "hosts" file, which is where itunes gets its update information. I've read that if illegal software is downloaded, the hosts file can change and during an update itunes won't be able to find the right information. (On Windows 7, it can be found under C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc). I opened it in notepad (in administrator mode) and found this line of code:



    From what I've read, if it directs you to gs.apple.com, this should work. But to be sure, I entered the code I found on one tutorial:



    Only the IP address was different. As far as I'm aware, it's an external IP address, and it refers to the Apple website, not my network.


    I saved the file and restarted my computer, but I still get error 3194. That tells me it has nothing to do with the hosts file or illegal software.


    Do you know of anything else that might cause this problem? Every tutorial I've read, including the ones you gave me, eventually directed me to what I just tried.


    Thanks again!

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    Have you tried resetting the Host's file using:

    3194-How do I reset the hosts file back to the default?

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    That did it: I checked with the hosts file, and the reset deleted the line of code (numbers + gs.apple.com), leaving just the commented out lines. After that the restore went just fine. Weird. Thanks though!