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for a couple of days I am not able to access my iCloud ( @me.com ) mails from any location. I've already tried it on Apple Mail, iCloud.com via Mac and PC and Mail.app on iPad 5.0.1. Here are two screenshots:


Bildschirmfoto 2012-01-14 um 23.07.55.png

Bildschirmfoto 2012-01-14 um 23.08.15.png


I appreciate any help.



iOS 5.0.1
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    After a 50 min support call with Apple they weren't able to solve the problem either. I guess it's an account issue. Is anyone else having difficulties logging in to iCloud Mail?

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    mail.gifThis should read 'iCloud', not 'MobileMe' - it looks as if your Mail application is still trying to access the MobileMe server after you've migrated. However if you have migrated it should be available at icloud.com.


    What operating system are you using on your Mac? did you migrate your MobileMe account at http://me.com/move ? You could check the Mail server settings and see if they conform with these:



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    Thanks for the reply Roger,


    The funny thing is that I didn't change anything either on my account and on my Mac. I created this account when iOS 5 came out and I use OS X 10.7.1 btw (Mac mini 2011). I tried to add the iCloud account again (it also shows it as iCloud in the Mail account settings) but it always renames the account to MobileMe.


    I tried to add the account by typing in the data manually but it still doesn't work.


    My biggest problem is that I can't even open the Mail via iCloud.com...

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    You need to use Software Update to update to 10.7.2 - this is the minimum for proper use of iCloud. The setup 'Wizard' in Mail may see the @me.com address and insist on setting it as a MobileMe account - 10.7.2 will fix that. You shoudn't needf to enter the account in Mail: if you put it in System Preferences>iCloud and check off the facilities you want then that should do it.


    This doesn't answer why can't use icloud.com, and I'm afraid I don't have an answer for that.

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    I'm having an ongoing issue as well!


    @Roger Wilmut1 I'm all updated (v10.7.2) and every now and again my @me.com account fails to update as well.

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    Sorry, that was my fault: I am on 10.7.2


    However, I sent an error log of icloud.com to an Apple employee today. I hope that they can fix it.


    @ambershel Do you also get the above stated error message on icloud.com?

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    ambershel wrote:


    I'm all updated (v10.7.2) and every now and again my @me.com account fails to update as well.

    If it's working sometimes and not others it may just be the sort of glitches and temporary hang-ups that make life so interesting on the internet.

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    I have now been without icloud email for over 1 week! ALL other services i.e. calendar and contacts are fine! I was told by a senior apple engineer that this is a issue affecting only 2% of icloud mail users!


    My email is still NOT working!!



    My Mobile Me account is still paid up till the end of June this year, I think I deserve a better service than this!!



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    My iCloud and Mail accounts are fine and functioning normally, but my partner -- as of about 12 or so hours ago -- cannot send or receive mail from his account on our iMac, MacBook Air, or his iPhone.  Accessing iCloud from Safari doesnI't work either -- he can login, and the other functions work, but Mail refuses access. 


    When using devices, he gets repeated requests to enter his password, but when he does so, the password doesn't work.  He tried changing his password, and that had no effect either.  What's going on? 


    I can't figure out how to get help from Apple, either.  Any advice or suggestions are very much appreciated. I believe his software is all up to date. 

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    It's just not acceptable. While my original issue automatically disappeared after an ENTIRE MONTH, I'm struggling with the same problem for a couple of days. That's not the way to go, Apple.