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Where in iTunes can I download iOS5 into my ipad?

iPad, iOS 3.1
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    Connect your iPad to your computer. In iTunes click on the name of your computer on the left hand frame under DEVICES. Move to the right to the Summary tab then click on update.

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    Updating to iOS 5 : http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4972


    To update to iOS 5.0.1 you need iTunes 10.5+ on your computer. When you've got iTunes 10.5+ installed then connect your iPad to it and copy any purchases off the iPad to your computer's iTunes via File > Transfer Purchases. You should also backup the device (right-click the iPad 'device' and select 'back up'), and copy off any important documents, files, notes etc (e.g. by email, the file sharing section at the bottom of the Apps tab in iTunes, wifi, whatever the apps that you use support) - the update process should backup and restore the content but it's best to be safe.


    If iTunes doesn't prompt you to update to iOS 5.0.1 on your iPad, then with your iPad connected to and selected on the left-hand side of it, then on the Summary tab on the right-hand side click the Check For Updates button.

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    Ive updated to iTunes 10.5. I've connected my ipad to pc and entered iTunes. I have located my iPad across the top. not on left hand frame,  I don't see a Summary tab.  Can't see Updates button. iTunes had no sign in tab.

    Am I in the wrong place? thanks, I'm getting frustrated.

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    I'm not clear on where on top you are seeing it.


    In the left have frame you should see headings like LIBRARY, STORE, GENIUS, etc. With your iPad connected you should see a heading that says DEVICES and the name of your iPad should be under that.

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    This is where I end up when trying to get into iTunes: http://www.apple.com/itunes/  As you can see the list of computers are displayed on top.


    Isn't there a iTune page for those who already have downloaded it and have and account? Where  you have to sign into your acct. ??


    Should my iPad be on a specific page when connecting to my PC and iTune?


    Please send me the link to the correct iTune page you refer to.


    Many thanks. Metaswede

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    You are going out to the internet to look at iTunes. That is not how you update as both of us have pointed out.


    We are referring to the iTunes application on your computer, not using Safari to go out to iTunes. When you connect your iPad to your computer does iTunes automatically open?

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    I'm new in using iTune, so thanks for guiding me.


    >>>>When you connect your iPad to your computer does iTunes automatically open?<<<<  NO.  <<<<


    The iTune shortcut is on my desktop.  Screen Message: "This iPad cannot be used because the Apple Mobile

    Device is not started"


    What is up with that?


    I have tried everything and now I only have tears in its wake....

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    I tried what is mentioned here, my Ipad went into a " restoring back up " mode for several hours . Not sure what to do ? I tried restore with the same result. Any thoughts ?

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    This message means that the software that handles the device hasn't run.


    Restart your computer and try connecting the iPad again. If iTunes doesn't start, start it manually. If, once it's started, your iPad still doesn;t show up down the left side of the iTunes window, connect the iPad to a different USB port on your computer. If none of that works, unistall iTunes and download and reinstall it again.

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    I've uninstalled iTune on my pc. I have installed iTunes again.  Same problem as before.


    message box: iTunes is not default player for audio files. Do you want to go to Default Programs control panel and fix this?  YES! Program has already marked off boxes needed to save, so I click SAVE. I have now done this twice since it didn't take the first time.


    next message:

    "This iPad cannot be used because the Apple Mobile 

    Device is not started"


    On iTune page, LEFT FRAME does NOT list DEVICES but everything else mentioned in above post. I guess because it does not detect a device. 


    Now what do I do? 

    Thanks again.

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    This page should help you start the AMDS : http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1567

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    You hit it right on the nail by directing my frustrating dilemma and inability to download iOS5 onto my iPad.

    The culprit was Apple Mobile Device (AMD) which was sitting disabled in my 'services' folder.  I removed the AMD

    and once again re-installed iTunes which in turn installed the AMD.


    The iOS 5 was successfully downloaded after a c:a 90 minute process. But oh so worth the wait. And my iPad was finally displayed under DEVICES where it should have been all along.


    http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1567   hope this link will help many others with the same problem.


    I'm ever so grateful and so very much relieved!

    Lady Meta

    Santa Fe, USA