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Obtained a very dusty i Mac, trying to open without name and password

How to?

serial #YM0323HUJAU

other tag RU/400/64/CD128P/56K

OS 9 Imac, Mac OS 9.2.x, need password to open
  • Texas Mac Man Level 8 Level 8

    Do you have any install discs?


    Here's the instructions if you have the discs.

    Mac OS X: Changing or resetting an account password



    Changing your administrator password



    Here's one method to reset the password without the install disc:


    1. boot computer and hold the "apple" key and the "s" key.

    2. wait for terminal show

    3. release keys

    4. type without the quotes: "/sbin/mount -uaw"

    5. press enter

    6. type without the quotes: "rm /var/db/.applesetupdone

    7. press enter

    8. type without the quotes: "reboot"

    9. press enter


    This will let you create a new admin account when you reboot your computer.


    Also, without the discs, look at Mac OS X Tip - No Password, No Root, No CD? No Problem.



    Here is a way to get around not knowing the admin password on Macs.


    To reset your OS X password without an OS X CD you need to enter terminal and create a new admin account:


       1. Reboot

       2. Hold apple + s down after you hear the chime.

       3. When you get text prompt enter in these terminal commands to create a brand new admin account (hitting return after each line):

              * mount -uw /

              * rm /var/db/.AppleSetupDone

              * shutdown -h now

       4. After rebooting you should have a brand new admin account. When you login as the new admin you can simply delete the old one and you’re good to go again!


     Cheers, Tom

  • Don Archibald Level 10 Level 10

    If the machine is running some version of OS 9, and the password request appears after the system has partially has loaded, it is a Multiple Users password.


    This can be defeated. You will need a bootable CD in order to do that. Idally this would be an OS 9 Install CD valid for that model, but can also be a bootable utility disk such as one for DiskWarrior or TechTool.


    Boot the machine to the CD - with the disk in the drive, restart or boot and immediately press the C key, keep it held down until the machine has booted to the CD. If the iMac is a tray-loader (rather than a slot loader), here's how to get the tray open:


    Start up the machine, immediately press the Option key, keep it held down. This will bring up Startup Manager, a bright blue screen with a few icons on it. Once that has loaded, pres the key combo Command-. (Command-periodkey) - this will open the tray. Insert the CD, close the tray, then click the circular arrow (Rescan). In a short while an icon representing the CD should appear on the screen. Click it to select it, then click the straight arrow.


    Once the machine has booted to the CD, open the hard drive icon, System Folder on the hard drive, locate and open the Preferences folder, then locate the file named Multi-User Prefs and drag it into the Trash. Empty the Trash.


    Then do a normal restart. All Multiple User accounts and passwprd requests should have vanished, and it should load right up.

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    Thanks Guys!

    I did forget to mention these (2 iMacs) are without disks, and I did try to open with C / on button, with my Tiger's 2nd (9.2) classic disk, and it only spit it out. One time, though , It seemed crunch some info, which gave an idea to find some infos- came up with 8. -- OP system. I have forwarded this to the guys at work ( i Mac's origin), as the super geeks can certainly understand the command writing better than I! I did, however, get my E Mac up with C/ on button, and running with external screen!

    I'm a beta tester for IMSI, Turbo CAD Mac, so I do know a couple things, not much, though!


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    I finally had time to play- and search for the infos.G3 IMac with OS8. with option to 9., I was able to get in enough to find this data on the Terminal screen;

    standard timeslicing quantum is 10000 us

    Vm_page_bootstap:29863 free pages


    10Kit Component Version 7.0:

    Wed sept. 24 15:43:30 PDT 2003; root (rcbuilder) :RELEASE_PPC/iokit/RELEASE

    copyright (c) 1982,1986,1989,1991,1993

    the Regents of the university of California. all rights reserved

    evidently a bunch of disk infos-- then

    using 327 Buffer headers

    BSDroot diskOs12 major14, minor10

    Jnt: replay-journal:from:457728to:4445184joffset0x90000

    Dec31 18:04:10CST1969

    singleuser fsck notdone

    then of course awaiting next command line stuff- like I mentioned - i'm a rank beginner here!

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    I did get into the I Mac today, now I need a server serial number!?? Hmmmm

  • kaptain klutz Level 1 Level 1

    I'm In! grinding the trash as I write- a lil' guy- 9 G's split between server and Client. Running jaguar @ present, will be reloading/ updating to tiger, and my favorite CAD programs will be employed in the shop!

    Thanks again, Don And TMM!