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A have a business partner who lives in a different city. We have a publishing business and want to set up my computer as a server so we can both access our business files for editing with being in the same network. We want to both work on the same files, perhaps at the same time, me with InDesign on my computer and him with InCopy. I purchased Lion server and need some advise on how to set this up.


1. Do we need to use VPN and if so how do I set it up?

2. If not VPN then how is it done?

3. I understand that I might have to open ports on my router and if that is correct, which ports do I open?


I am very new at this so please be patient.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.1)
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    Best practice is to be safe and protect your business assets.  To that end, use VPN.  There are two ways.  Buy a firewall appliance for both location and set up a persistant VPN tunnel.  This will allow you to "see" everything on each other's network.  Keep in mind, some architectural changes will need to be made if you both have the same LAN subnet.  Not a huge issue but one to keep in mind.


    The other option is to do on demand vpn.  Meaning, when you need to, you establish a connection, do your work, and then disconnect.  This is more labor intensive and since I am lazy I would rather do the firewall appliance and just have it always on.


    Also, your performance may not be that great.  What speed internet service do you have at each location?

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    Both internet services are at least 10 mbps. On demand VPN is great but how do I get that set up? I have Lion Server with VPN turned on but how do I turn on port forwarding in my router and which port do I open?

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    If you are looking for a common workspace, somewhere to upload and download files, the built in wiki server is probably much easier to set up than VPN and file sharing as the VPN service in Lion Server does not have a great set of mnagement tools. The wiki would also enable you to track file changes.


    Point your browser at your wiki server and take a look at the help files which explain how to create documents and files.

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    Reference this document:  http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1629


    However, the short of it is you will need to forward IKE, UDP port 500, ESP/Nat traversal, UDP port 4500, and L2TP port 1701 UDP. 


    If you decide to fire up PPTP, then you simply forward port 1723 TCP.

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    Though PPTP is a dog to set up on Lion Server...