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It must be easy but I can't find out how to buy Kindle books using my iPad. I'm aware that Apple forced Amazon to stop selling them to me through the iPad.  Thanks!

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    You buy them using your browser, then the Kindle app can download them.

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    Thanks, I knew it had to be easy. However, to make it easier for the next person who doesn't get it, I'll expand your answer again. From my iPad, I went to the Amazon Kindle section, found the book I wanted, noticed the icon asking where I wanted it downloaded, chose my iPad From the choices..Kindle or iPad..and, voila, it worked. The book I wanted downloaded to the Kindle app I had gotten from the iTunes store...immediately. I found I could also download the same book to my Kindle, which is great. I use the iPad more often but the Kindle is easier for a disabled person..like me..to hold. This is a thorough answer for those who need detail. I found clues throughout this site but nothing complete.

    Also, previously I had registered my iPad on Amazon under Manage your accout", then "manage your Kindle", then "register your device".  Had I rembered that, I wouldn't have gotten to meet you. Thanks again for your help.

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    @Panadsurprse -- Thanks for the expanded answer! I usually read books on my Kindle device (better screen for daylight hours and battery life is awesomely long, unlike ipods, ipads or phones), but I could've sworn I'd bought them through my iPod Kindle app before (for lit-up screen reading in bed), so I assumed I was just being obtuse and overlooking something obvious when I couldn't find a Kindle Store link within the app or a "buy book" button at the end of sample chapters I liked. I guess I must have been reading samples I downloaded a long, loooong time ago, previous to this change. Thanks again, :)


    [P.S. i like your screen name -- can't tell if you were being purposely tricky, but I love how I just assumed it said "Panda Surprise" the first time I looked and then had to look again to see it wasn't Panda and still a third time when I typed my message to spell the "surprse" right! Reminds me of those studies showing that often people only need to see a few key letters in a word to know what word it is, and if reading fast, they may not even notice if the leretts in the mdidle are srcmabled as long as the frist and lsat letrets are in the cerroct potision. ;) Cheers!

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    Thanks so much! This really helped me!