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Any in the the uk has a Iphone 4S and has a problem with wi-fi could please help me?


I currenlt had this iphone just about three-four days before new years day and not notice a recent iphone wifi problem, at first I inored it thinking maybe it's a small problem but whilst at home, it has continued to be a bother. when I am on social apps or on utube and bbc three iplayer it intends to play up. This means the signal strength goes from three bars to two then cuts off, I first tryed resetting network to see if it works and be able to stay and connect to my wifi. When I reconnect it come up with a message say unavaiable so I turn off the wifi on my iphone and switch it on again, but the problem contines at times with the same message and at other times it will connect but the signal strengh is the same going from three bars to two and cuts off? Another idea is I tryed switching off the wifi downstairs waiting 30 sec and turn it back on then to reconnect on iphone at times it will connect but have the problem with signal strength, and at times it will give me the unavaiable messeage.


The software which is currently updated on my iphone is IOS 5.0.1


can anyone tell me what could I do or what could the problem. If anyone has the same problem please leave a comment on this form group. Thank you

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1
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    This happened to me after getting my iPhone 4S that was activated for me about a week before I got it (I did NOT like the fact it was started up without me!). Once it tried connecting it to wifi, it did not let me no matter how many times I typed the correct code. Finally, I just SNAPPED and factory restet the whole new phone witout need of a backup. I'd recomend you do the same. If you did important things on your phone, you can always make a backup and restore your phone from that; I dont think a backup makes a difference. *Just so you know, the sooner this is done, the less time it will take in the backup process. Good luck!


    Thank you for choosing Apple.