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  • Terpee Level 1 Level 1

    hey.. this worked for me too! thanks a bunch!

  • Terpee Level 1 Level 1

    aww after that day.. the problem persists!


    .. try getting an extension of AdBlock plug-in, it might help a bit.


    but sometimes, there are some videos in youtube, it still doesn't continue...

  • Chris Müller Level 1 Level 1

    Perfect. Thank you... worked for me!

  • mikefromannapolis Level 1 Level 1

    Ok, so I have this issue, although, because this thread is 3yrs old, I wonder if it is related or something entirely different.


    I have an error, "plug-in failure" when trying to watch YouTube videos on my Mac with Safari as the browser v7.1.7.  I have FireFox installed, no error.  I have checked Adobe Flash, and Adobe Shockwave, and they both function correctly when tested in Safari on the Adobe sites.


    I am using a Mac Pro, 2008, 2.8Ghz, 8-core (2xQuad Core), 24GB RAM, and a 4TB disk drive.  I am running OS 10.9.5, which is updated from 10.5.8 recently.  It is not a fresh installation of the Mac OS, I hope that I don't have to do this step.


    Any suggestions?


    I have rebuilt permissions, I have uninstalled and re-installed Flash using the Adobe uninstaller.  I have reset the browser.  I have trashed preferences dealing with Adobe.


    Thank you in advance for any suggestions.

  • Thailand Amulets Level 1 Level 1

    I dont use flash at all, but can see youtube videos in Safari

    However, Safari does not show videos in Reuters, National geographic, Daily Mail, Mirror Online, Guardian, New York Times, CBS, Fox... all of them who use their own video player and not youtube


    Safari, is, apart from being insecure when flash is installed, deprecated on 70% of modern websites with video players.

    Go to Reuters and try to watch a video, and you will see that Safari, does not play it. How Apple can continue bragging about Safari in each new Keynote, is amazing to me, it seems none of the Apple people use Safari, or if they do, they dont go to websites with video players, and haven't noticed that the Safari Browser, is the least compatible browser on the web for multimedia consumption. I like Safari and use it for most things, because it lets me use Siri to dictate text with, and text replacements to use shortcuts for lines of text which i use repeatedly. Other Browsers dont let me. But apart from that, i get baffled hearing mega brags on keynotes about Safari's power, and get frustrated when 2 of 3 websites i visit wnt play the video, because Safari doesn't care, and Safari isnt going to change it. Sending Feedback is like talking down a tunnel with no sight of light at the other end. 'Give us Feedback we wont answer'

    Well im not spending 30 minutes typing a feedback that i have no way of knowing if it goes in the trashcan or gets read. No thanks, just sit and watch as Safari deprecates, and the Bind Keynote Braggers dont even notice

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