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What's up guys! just braught a band new mac 15" about 2 days ago. some prior users (friends) advised me that to get the full potential of my mac, charge it fully then drain the power completely, and do it a few times.. so far, it's done..but for some reason, it's only charging up to 98% .. however, i've read a few of the threads with potentially the same problem as mine and i found this to be normal.. now, my question is, can someone explain to me, why in the **** would apple even do this? it says, to remedy the 98%, disconnect it until its under 93% then charge it, and it should charge to 100% .. but why in the world would i want to do that everytime the macbook charges to 98%? i'm way to continuously do that every time .. and i understand .. 2% is merely ehh..but if i pay $2k+ for the 2.4ghz i expect perfection .. as would anyone ..

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