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Is it possible to use MainStage 2 with Logic Express 9.1.6.?  Are there any limitations to not having Logic Pro 9.  I'm very happy with LE9.1.6. as it meets all my needs (perhaps with the exception of not having Space Designer) but if I need to upgrade to get the most out of MainStage 2 then I will.


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    From dcaqu - I meant Logic Express 9.1.5. not 9.1.6.

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    I'm hopeful someone can help me....similar topic.


    I own Logic Express and bought Mainstage from the App Store in hopes that I could use Sculpture and Space Designer in Logic Express.


    Now that I've spent the money - it looks like the EXS 24 samples load and the JamPack content but not the two features I wanted most.


    Is there any way to use Sculpture and Space Designer within Logic Express or have I just wasted $29.99?

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    As far as I'm aware and from personal experience, Sculpture and Space Designer only work in Mainstage 2 i.e. they do not appear in Logic Express because you've got Mainstage 2.

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    zaxmalloy wrote:



    Is there any way to use Sculpture and Space Designer within Logic Express or have I just wasted $29.99?

    In short, yes.


    Sculpture, Space Designer ( and a few other plugins) are 'hard-coded' into Mainstage and also Logic Pro. They are NOT available within Express.




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    Actually I have found a way for at least the instrument plug ins to be accessed.


    I was able to set up an instance of Sculpture in MS2 and record it in LE using Soundflower.


    Route the audio from MainStage to Logic and record onto an audio track in Logic as follows:


    If not already installed, get SoundFlower. After installing it.


    A) Setup the sound you want in MS2 and audio output to Soundflower (remember to Apply Changes or it does not hold).

    B) In Logic Express set the audio input to Soundflower and create a new audio track for recording. Important: set Soundflower's audio output to however you listen to your audio or you won't hear anything.

    C) Press RECORD and start playing, LE captures Mainstage's sound.


    I have not tried to wire LE's output to MS2 to take advantage of Space Designer. but since this functions, I'm not sure why that couldn't work as well. It is still flipping though a few screens though...might just be easier to get Logic Pro from the App store....