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Does anyone know how to change to landscape orientation in Pages for iPhone 4s and iPad?

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    Double tap the home button to bring up your home buttons, swipe to the right until you see a square grey icon with a circular arrow inside, tap this icon to enable portrait orientation unlocked.

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    Thanks for your quick response. The orientation isn't locked. It works great on all other apps as far as I know but in Pages, it will not rotate to landscape. This also an issue on my iPad 1 as well but not as big a problem b/c the screen is plenty large.

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    I don't believe there is the ability to view the Pages app in landscape.  Not all apps can be I'm afraid.  You may want to contact the developers of Pages direct to request they offer that functionality in future updates.

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    The functionality on an iPhone is greatly diminished when having to work in potrait mode due to the screen size; it really becomes a bit useless.

    It seeems a no-brainer; I guess that's why I asked on the forum.

    Maybe someone else knows more.?

    I hope that you're not right but think you probably are.

    Thanks again for offering to help!

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    It is not the fault of the iPhone or indeed Apple that Pages cannot be viewed in landscape, it is an issue with Pages and it's developer which is why I suggested you contact the developer direct.  If you read some of the reviews on the Pages app, there are a few you also complain it cannot be viewed in landscape.

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    I'll look that up then.


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    But Apple are the developers of the 'Pages' app!