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When I plug in the Ipad, it is not recognized by the computer, displays the "connect with itunes" logo but does charge the battery.... what is wrong?

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    • Is this the first time that you ever connected the iPad to the Mac?
    • Have you activated this iPad yet within iTunes?
    • Did you try launching iTunes while the iPad is connected to the Mac?
    • Have you been able to sync before and this is a new problem that has developed?


    The connect to iTunes logo is self explanatory. Without some clue as to what you have already done, you make it difficult to give suggestions.

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    Yes, this has been reported by a lot of people using Windows Vista (including me) trying to plug in their iPad 2 for initial set up.


    Is this the first time using it?

    Or is it registered with another computer?


    Try re-installing itunes to the computer.

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    This is the title of the OP's post ....

    iTunes does not recognize my iPad when plugged in with usb on a mac


    The OP is using a Mac.