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Since about November, whenever I log onto my Entourage, [version 2008 12.3.2],  program to receive e-mail that is associated with my Ip, I get an error message that tells me that Entourage is "unable to estalbish a secure connection to pop-sbc.mail.am0.yahoons.net because the correct root certificate is not installed" - then underneath the error message, is "If you continue, the information you view & send will be encrypted, but will not be secure".  Then there is a link for you to click on that states - "More information on installing root certificates...", that directs you to Entourage Help.  They offer instructions for installing root certificates on Mac OS X (Tiger), & Mac OS X (Leopard).

FYI - My Ip is ATT-Uverse.  My Entourage e-mail account is set up as a POP3 account, & the server is : att.yahoo.net & it is not my default e-mail account.  My default e-mail account uses the me.com server.


Resolution offered by "Help" in my Entourage program:

The instructions for Leopard state - "1. Double-click the root certificate to open the Keychain Access application. The Add Certificates dialog box appears. - 2.  On the Keychain menus, click login, and then click OK.  If the Do you want your computer to trust certificates...dialog box appears, click Always Trust. Note:  If you're asked top provide a name & password, type the name and password for an administrator.  & 3.  Quit and then restart Entourage."  


My question in regards to the steps offered is - Where does one find the "root certificate"?  When I open the Keychain Access application, I see more than one type of root certificate.  Therefore I don't know which one they are referring to.  In the Entourage Account settings, there is a category called , "Digital ID", or something like that.  I clicked on that category & the current settings show that "none selected" for digital ID's, however when one changes the setting to "select", the certificate that is selected is a certficate for mac.com. 


How does one change this setting?


FYI:  Everytime I talk with someone from Apple Tech support or from ATT-Uverse Tech Support & tell them my problem, I am referred to a "Third Party Support" Tech.  In both cases, I am told that I will have to pay for the Tech Support.  I have also been told to contact Microsoft.  I was temporaily able to fix the problem in December when the ATT-Uverse Tech Support person told me that I should change the name of the server in the settings of my POP3 account, but within a couple weeks I started receiving the same error message.


Has anyone else come across this problem?

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Thanks for the info.  In early Janurary when I entered those new settings it didn't work, but now they work.