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  • reginap Level 1 (5 points)

    Oh, Thanks, I'll try that with iCloud.
    I did contact support by email, but they didn't answer.


    Thank you!

  • Canandaigualady Level 1 (0 points)

    I also have this same issue with battery life with my new Iphone 4s that I use for work.  At normal usage (with no Internet surfing, U-tube, music or pod casts), my phone is dead in 6 hours.  I have had an Iphone 4 in the past with no battery issues; my husband bought an Iphone 4 the same day I bought my new Iphone 4s and he has no battery issues.  I went back to the Verizon store today where I bought the phone - they took my phone for 2 hours, told me my battery was "fine" and then refused to replace the battery or the phone.  I have had this phone for less than a month and bought an extended warranty.  To say that I am annoyed is an understatement.  I have Applecare and also talked to an Applecare representative on the phone today.  I was told to make an appointment at my local Apple store with a Geniuis Bar representative - requiring another 45 minute drive to the mall and who knows how long to sort this out. When I talked to the Applecare representative and the Verizon representative today, both also claimed to know nothing about this problem, even after I told them that there are postings all over the Internet about it.  Clearly there is some kind of a software problem that Apple has not yet seen fit to fix. I have tried disabling all the enhanced features (that were the reason I bought this phone in the first place) and it made no difference in battery life.  I have tried letting the battery drain to 0% and then recharging it to 100%; that didn't work either.  The phone also gets really hot.  Per an earlier post, I am going to try wiping the phone and restoring it.  If that doesn't work, I am returning this model and going back to the Iphone 4. Someone should threaten Apple with a class action - maybe then they will acknowledge this problem and fix it.  

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    Unfortunatly the battery does drain quick but ive followed some of these methods that helped me save my battery, its not that big of a diffrence but better than before



    1) charge your iphone. 100% 


    2)let it die completely. 0% 


    3)while charging, reset it by holding the sleep/wake button and home button even after it asks to turn off 


    4)the apple logo will appear, which means you just reset it (this does not remove any data or apps) 


    5) let your iphone charge completely


    6) set your brightness lower 


    I hope this helps

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    You do understand that you replied to a thread from January and February of this year? Hopefully they got their problem solved in the past 5 months. Thanks for those tips anyhow.

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    I can't understand how the iPhone 5 battery

    Is so bad. I don't get a day out of it ever.

    Everybody has to carry a charger around to get through a day, its

    Unbelievable with today's technology a phone can't last a day.

    I've updated to the latest iOS but this issue is far bigger than isolated


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