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Background: I imported all of my old emails into my iCloud account since I want to ditch the old one. I had no problem dragging and dropping between the two accounts while set up in Outlook, and all the mesages now show up just fine on iCloud.com. (Total imported ~1.2Gb)


Problem: Then I noticed, whenever I did any search for any emails that had been imported, I get 0 results no matter what. I was hoping that iCloud.com needed to "index" the emails or something and eventually the search would work, but it has been 2 weeks and still no ability to search the vast majority of my library of emails. When I search for stuff that came in within the past 2 weeks (since the import), it works perfectly. I have tried a couple times shuffling the messages between Archive / Inbox folder to see if doing so will get the search to pick them up - no luck.


I know a lot of people must have switched from gmail or others and did a similar import - can you please report if the search did / did not work on your imported messages? Thanks!

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    No one else? Did anyone else import email into iCloud from Gmail/Others?


    One other piece of info - I attempted once more to relocate all the contents of my Inbox folder into the Archive folder just to try my luck. Same lack of search results in the Archive folder. I then moved everything back to the Inbox. At that point, I noticed that no messages were "searchable" after that date. Essentially, me moving the messages caused them to break some kind of searchability link and become un-retrievable via search. As new messages come in since then, they show up fine in search results, but I now have a black hole before 1/15/12 (the day I executed the above).


    My iPhone email client has stand-alone search capability, so I get proper search results when I search there (including messages that would not return search results on icloud.com) - but only for the ~200 recent messages it caches. If I click "Find more on server" it immediately comes back with 0 results on server.


    This seems like such an unlikely / simple problem for this day and age... why on earth is iCloud.com search ability broken?