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Had a recent directory issue due to not unmounting external drives. Couldn't Run DiscWarrior as startup disc. got to run it and rebuild directory while in target mode. Could't restart it. Did an OS reinstall from a laptop while MacPro in Target mode. Can this as installed through the laptop but I cannot get the MacPro to boot up - it just goes to the Apple icon with the spinning wheel (not the Pizza wheel). Any suggestions please?

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6)
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    Thanks Linc. Moved things on with a Combo Upgrade (in target mode) which allowed a full boot. External drives - Sonnet JBOD - mounted and all looked fine until I inserted a new drive to initialise. All drives -old and new - now fail to mount. Disc Utility won't mount them. Again I cannot run Disc Warrior from the drive as a 'c' key boot doesn't complete. I did run Warrior from a laptop with the MacPro in Target mode. No help..


    Much hair on floor!

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    When cross-cloning and updating from another dis-similar Mac, the SOURCE of the software being moved is very important.


    Software that was shipped on the disk of a new Mac does NOT contain all drivers, and will not boot all Macs.


    Software that came from a "Full Retail" source, such as a "Full Retail" Installer DVD, or the current 10.7 Lion download WILL Boot any Mac.


    So it is possible, depending on exactly where your MacBook Pro image originated, to have effectively copied a "MacBook Pro ONLY" image onto your Mac Pro tower. That will never boot because it does not contain all the drivers needed to boot a Mac Pro tower.

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    The Disk Warrior DVD contains a certain version of Mac OS X. That version may be too old to boot some computers.


    If you wish to pursue this, post more details of which Mac model (shipping year and speed or MacPro 4,1 designation). And figure out what version of Mac OS X is on that Disk Warrior DVD by booting it up on a Mac that it WILL boot on, and using about this Mac to find out what Mac OS X it is.

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    Thanks Grant. I appreciate what you say about Disc Warrior version ( it was for Snow Leopard). The real issue is that I cannot get the external Sonnet drives to mount.. Disc Utility can see them but nothing gets them to mount..


    Currently able to boot in 10.6.8, MacPro early 2011,

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    Why do you keep running Disk Warrior? That's pointless. Boot in safe mode (shift key down at startup.) If the drives still don't work, then you have a hardware fault somewhere.

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    Have you perhaps noticed something in the Console?