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Someone stole my iPhone 4 (verizon) two days ago while I was at a wrestling tounament. Once I found out it was missing I called my number but it went straight to voicemail. I immediately went online with my firnds phone and had iCloud lock my phone and send a message asking them to call my wifes number to return my phone. I've been watching iCloud.com for it to go online but so far nothing has happened. It just says that my lock and message are requested and the phone is offline. Does that mean that no one has turned it on yet? If there is a lock on the phone can they reboot everything on the iphone, making it no longer trackable? I'm assuming that since you log into iCloud with your email instead of your serial number that this is how it works, right? Also, I haven't called Verizon yet to turn off the service because I'm afraid I can't track it if it's been deactivated.

iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1
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    It either hasn't been turned back on or whoever has it has already restored it, or managed to turn off find my iPhone before you managed to lock it.


    Contact Verizon and report it stolen. There's not much else you can do.


    Oh, and if you didn't have a passcode set, possibly even if you did, change ALL of your passwords. Immediately. You can't track it if it's deactivated, but if the person who has it has half a clue, you'll never be able to track it anyway. Plenty of people report being able to recover stolen phones, but that's not what find my iPhone was designed for. It was designed to locate lost phones and to give you some method of protecting your data if you do lose it.