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Hi there


I am trying to import about 6 .ics files into iCal but it nothing happens. It is for the international skiing and other winter sports calendars. One of them comes from the link below.


www.fis-ski.com/uk/604/icalendar-fis.html?seasoncode_search=2012&sector_search=A L&category_search=WC&nation_search=&search=true&gender_search=&disciplinecode_se arch=


They all contain multiple events and I had no problem adding them to my iPod Touch iCal last year and they import fine into my BusyCal demo but not iCal. In fact the ones imported into my iPod Touch iCal will not sync with the desktop version. I went into Console and it has the following error:

16/01/2012 12:06:04.480 iCal: CaliTIPMessage: more than one event in iTIP message: 85


I did a search online but found nothing helpful about this. Why would it work in Ical on my iPod Touch but not iCal on my desktop and why does BusyCal accept it? I wanted it in iCal so it could sync with the cloud. It doesn't sync with the cloud currently, even though it's on my iPod Touch.


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    My I also add, seeing as I can't edit my original posting, that the calendars in iCal on my iPod Touch are showing up as subscribed but I now believe they are .ics files. Is my iPod Touch refreshing directly from the Web Site that supplied the .ics files? I think it may be and if so how can I make this occur in iCal on my desktop?


    Problem has been resolved. I believe the iPod Touch added the calendar as www...... where as iCal desktop requires http://www....... Note I don't think I manually typed in the addresses on my iPod Touch but I don't know, perhaps I did.