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I have tried importing my photos from my iphone 4 to new macbook pro. The first 60 odd worked fine, but after that the following error message is appearing:


com.apple.ImageCaptureCore error -9912.

MacBook Pro
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    Having the same problem with error 9912 trying to transfer photos from iPhone 5 to MacBook.  Another 20 minutes searching for solutiong and NOTHING>  For all of Apple hype, advertising and high cost of products I rate the iPhone 5 Terrible and give a rating of 1 out of 10.  User should be able to connect iPhone to Apple computer and have it function as an external drive with EASE of transfer of pics, files, etc.   TERRIBLE disconnect and lack of function,  Apple products VERY difficult to use.  Don't know if Google products are any better, but switching to find out. 


    Problems with iPhone:

    visual voicemail freezes after deleting one voicemail

    iPhone will NOT work with aftermarket charging cords

    Can not transfer pics from iPhone to Apple / Mac computer easily

    Can NOT transfer files from iPhone and Apple  / Mac computer easily

    iPhone battery draining and often dead

    Apps dissappear randomly and must be re-purchased or downloaded again


    DO NOT buy an iPhone....  they don't work