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Ok, my mom threw her old iPhone (3G I think) into the washer. Luckily the washer is one that doesn't use much water and it was only in there for ten minutes. We pulled the phone out and it's been sitting in a bag of rice for about 36 hours. We didn't turn it on when we got it out, so I'm hoping everything is ok. We really don't care about the phone being usable again (she was planning on getting another one.)


My question is- will we be able to get her pictures and contacts list back? She hasn't backed up the iPhone in a really, really long time (technology's not her strong suit) so there's no other way to salvage it. If I take it to a Genius Bar, will they be able to pull the data off? Since we don't care about keeping the phone, would it be a good idea to open it up (if possible) to get it to completely dry? Thanks for the help =)

iPhone 3G