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Have run into a problem where changing an event on one device results in the change being reflected in all other devices synced using iCloud except for one. My home desktop Mac that is synced to the same iCloud is stubbornly refusing to update to show the changed event. I have tried refreshing all calendars and refreshing just the calendar in question to no avail.


Anyone have any possible solutions?



iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    What calendars are listed when you click on the "Calendars" button on your iMac iCal? If you have any calendars listed under the "On My Mac" category, they will not sync with iCloud. After ensuring that all of the events exist on iCloud, I recommend that your backup your "On My Mac" calendars and delete them.


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    Thanks but that's not the issue. The only calendars on my Mac are those from my iCloud.



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    In that case, try the procedures outlined in iCloud: Troubleshooting iCloud Calendar.


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    I was having the same problem.  My MBP and iPhone would update fine, but not my desktop iMac.  After tinkering around, I finally figured it out.  It looks like the Calendar Cache got corrupted.  I just deleted the Calendar Cache file (don't worry, iCal will just recreate it) and that fixed it.  Here are the steps.


    1.  Stop iCal and Mail

    2.  Delete the file ~/Library/Calendars/Calendar Cache (for the non-Unix people, this is the Library folder under your home directory, you can get to it from Finder)

    3.  Empty the trash (if you get an error saying the file is in use, close any apps that may be using it.  I got this error and then I was able to delete it after closing Mail, but I'm not sure if any other apps would use the cache.  If that doesn't work, just log off and that should close any user proceses using the cache.)

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    I was having issue synching my iCal on my mac to my iCloud calendar on iCloud and to my iPhone.  I finally had success using the troubleshooting page -- http://support.apple.com/kb/TS3999 -- and walking through the steps under "Troubleshooting ... On Mountain Lion...."  Ultimately, the step that worked for me was turning iCal off and back on under System Preferences.  I did try the suggestion of clearing the cache and that didn't work, but the two in combo appeared to have resolved my issue.  Good luck!