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    I have now reverted to Airport 5.6 and the ports will simple not map. My camera port is 80 and I try to map that to ANY port and then when I test it--says it is closed. What in the world? Why is this so difficult?


    For the Public TCP port I have XXXX

    For the IP for the cam--I have that in the private IP address field

    Then for the Private TCP port, I have 80 which is what the camera uses


    I save and update all that and get ZERO. The ports shows closed.


    Any ideas? Thanks again for any help.

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    Let's start with some basics: 1) Can you access the camera from your local network? 2) Is your AirPort the only router in your current network configuration? If so, what model is it? If not, what is the make & model of the upstream router? 3) What is the make & model of your Internet modem? 4) When testing for open ports are you doing so from a remote location or from within your own network?

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    Thank you Tesserax


    My problem was that the address I had reserved for the server was "Outside" the defined DHCP range.  Once I fixed that - your directions worked perfectly.

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