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Both my ring tone and text alert tone are not working. I'm only made aware I have a call or text message through the phone's vibration. I have checked all the 'Sound' settings and all appears to be fine and ringer volume slid to high.


Do I need to reboot this phone for them to work as I'm not sure how to do this? I'm using iPhone 4 version 5.0.1


Would I loose all my files and apps on my iPhone after rebooting?


Appreciate any clear help and advice on this popular subject that is available.


Best wishes


iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1
  • Ingo2711 Level 7 (22,538 points)

    Just to make sure, did you check the mute button on the side of the phone as well?

    To reset the phone, hold the sleep and home button for about 10sec, until the Apple logo comes up again. Then let go, to have to phone start up again. You will not lose data doing a reset.

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    Thank so much Ingo2711, your suggestion has solved my problem. I am so new to the iPhone I didn't realise it had a handy little mute button and it was infact switched onto 'mute'.


    And thank you for the rebooting advice too.


    Best wishes


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    You're welcome, glad I could help

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    OMG, I've had my iPhone for a month now and this problem has been driving me mad, couldn't work out why the tones would work one day and not the next - must have been turning the mute on and off without realising it! Thank you SO much!



  • Ingo2711 Level 7 (22,538 points)

    You're welcome as well

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    OMG!!  thank you!  I have gone crazy trying to figure what the heck is wrong with my phone!  I dropped it and I guess when I put the otter cover back on, I set it to MUTE!!  thanks for your help!!

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    So my mute button is fine - I'm not on mute - but my ring tones will not work.  They just stopped yesterday.  If someone calls me my phone rings, but texts and alerts . . . nothing.  Any suggestions?  I've checked my settings and the volume bar - all seem to be fine and I hadn't touched anything.  I've turned it completely off and one several times.  Nothing.  Frustrating. 

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    that is actually the same as me hahaha. feel so stupid not knowing this info

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    I am having the same problem for the 2nd time.....Apple Store replaced my iphone 4s 4 weeks ago and now I am having same issue again.

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    thats my same problem ,have you figured out how to fix it?

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    Yes I did. Being totally new to the iPhone back in January I realised that the 'Mute' switch on the upper left hand side of the phone was switched on. Once I clicked it off all my tones were alive!

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    I am having the same issue. Mute button is not my problem. Phone rings fine but no other alerts will come through. Has anyone found a solution to this? Strange thing I noticed tonight is when my headphones are in you can hear the alerts play as you cycle through them trying to pick the one you want, but with headphones unplugged you don't hear anything.