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I tried to transfer Itunes from my Windows7 PC to an external drive following apples instructions. I no longer want to use the PC for itunes purposes, I would like to use my Windows7 laptop. The transfer appears sucsessful, all 57GB. I loaded Itunes to the laptop, connected the external drive. Opened Itunes per apples instructions using shift key to add library. After transfering for several hours, itunes now says I have 99.3GB of music. I looked for exact duplicates, and it shows I now have random duplicated files in the library. The individual files on  the external drive only show the single file, but the libray shows duplicates, to the tune of almost 2000 songs and almost 30GB.(theres also duplicate movies and podcasts). I thought I did something wrong, so I deleted everything a tried again. Itunes library now says I have 133GB of music, 3-6 duplicates of songs, movies, and podcasts? HELP!!

Itunes, Windows 7
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    I have experienced the same issue.  I backed my library up to an extrenal hard drive from my computer running Vista and then upgraded my system to Windows 7.  I also followed Apple's instructions and have duplicated files.  I have found that if I delete one file the other file becomes unreadable stating file cannot be located but if I restore that file from the recycle bin it becomes active and the duplication goes away.  It is crazy but there has got to be a fix for this problem.  I don't want to go thru all 1600 songs to remove the duplication this way.

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    I agree. It seems unreasonable to think that the only option is to individually delete each file. Even more so in my case, that, since I though I made a mistake and tried to redo this several times I now have several duplicates of these files. What, in ITunes is telling it to duplicate these files when moving them???

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    Revert the iTunes library back to a previous version, there should be one in the same folder.


    Then follow the correct instructions for moving the library, see here.