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we recently bought a new macbook, switching from a pc.  we had bought and downloaded a bunch of movies in i tunes on the old computer but i can't find them in i tunes now.  shouldn't they still be in my account or are they lost now since we don't have our old computer anymore? 

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    You can't download movies a second time, unlike some other media.  You could have transferred them from the old computer along with other files (did you do that?).


    Downloading past purchases from the App Store, iBookstore, and iTunes Store - http://support.apple.com/kb/ht2519 - enabled with iTunes 10.3 and newer; not available in all countries; only apps, books (not audiobooks), music, and t.v. shows (not movies).  Discontinued items not available. For items not included in the iCloud list, or locations or computer systems where iCloud is not (yet?) available, you only get one download per fee paid.  Apple notes it is your responsibility to back up your purchases.

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    The locations of the iTunes libraries are given in this knowledge base article.

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    okay so since we didn't back them up, in restrospect we realized we should have, they are lost now?  we did have some of them on the ipad as well and those are still showing up, should have put them all on there!

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    There may be ways to transfer from an iPad, but I have never touched an iPad so my knowledge of those is limited.  I know you can transfer from iPods and iPhones.


    It is reported iTunes Support permitting a second download on a one time only basis when asked nicely, but they are in no way obligated to do this. Go to https://expresslane.apple.com ; select 'iTunes' in the first column; 'iTunes Store' in the second column; third column click 'Purchases, Billing & Redemption' and proceed from there.

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    There are multiple issues at work here: as Limnos said, purchased movies are not quite the same as some other purchased content, you can't go to your purchases and redownload them.  When you moved from the PC to the MacBook, did you use Migration Assistant to transfer content you wanted to save?  If not, and you still have the PC, you can download MA PC version and follow the proceedure for transfering information.