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I have a fresh installed Mac Mini with Lion Server edition and about 10 client Macs. For the purpose of load balancing and increased (redundat) storage I want to store the network home folders on a separate Synology RackStation RS812 NAS.


The NAS is binded to the OD through LDAP and the clients can browse sharepoints using their OD credentials.


In WGM I can point out the sharepoint on where to store the user folders but it is (as it seems) impossible to select an full path outside of /Network/Servers.


When I create an extra NFS share in Disk Utility from the Server to the NAS I can set everything up, and it works flawless but I want everything to keep working when the server fails.


Is it possible to use the Server (and it's authentication) to point the clients to the NAS for their home folders? The path should be something like:


Home url: afp://nas.mydomain.nl/Users

Full path: /Network/Servers/nas.mydomain.nl/Users (but my NAS is not available in /Network/Servers)


I wanted to experiment with AFP automount as available in 10.6 but it doesn't seem to available in Server Admin in 10.7.


Any help is very appreciated!

Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    I am in the same boat. I would like to create mobile accounts but never sync. This is like having a local account but this way the password is in sycn with OD.  Then the Time Machine can do the backups to the home folder on the NAS instead of using home synching.


    How do we get the NAS box folders available to WGM? I need to know what to enter in the home folder section and be able to hit create home now and save.


    This will be using Snow Leopard 10.6 od master.



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    Nice. I see that others are in the same boat, yet no helpful word form the gods above. I will keep searching, and if I find anything, I intend to help out others.... In Arnold's immortal words, "I'll be back!"

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    I ended up not assigning the profile path. I instead run a custom script that configures Tiem Machine exlusions for the computer and current user. I then use a 3rd Party Time Machine scheduler.  The computers Deskop and Doucments folders are backed up to the NAS every 2 hours.