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How do i add a ringtone for iphone 4s from my itunes, tks

iPhone 4S
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    Go in the Music library in your iTunes->Go to the song that you want->Right click on it->Select "Get Info"->Go to the Options tab in the pop-up that has appeared-> Select the start time and the stop time that you want from the song (SELECT ONLY 30SECONDS FROM THE SONG)->Click OK->Right click again to the song and select option "Create AAC version"->Right click and copy the created ringtone anywhere in your PC (you must have the option "Hide extensions for known file types" unchecked on your PC enabled, you can do this by going to "Organize" is in the top bar of your local disc->"Folder and search options"->"View" and uncheck option: "Hide extensions for known file types") Go to the song and change the extension from m4a to m4r ->Now drag and drop the new ringtone to the iTunes and it will create automatically a new tab in iTunes in the left side up named TONES and now just sync normally and you will find it on your phone along with the rest of the default iPhone ringtones.


    That's it

    For the first time probably you will think that are many steps, but is very simple and it will not take much time



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    Thanks veteanu

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    No problem, if you don't understand something just let me know, and by the way the explications are for a Windows PC, but I guess you saw that