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Guys, another BIG bug. I say big, `cause lot of people here uses mac professionaly. It happened with my iphone too, some colors in a pdf file was`nt the real one that was developed (in a vetorial app). But the worse I saw is that the mac preview app was showing the correct colors, but when I printed it... simply I cannot say what color were those.. All of them wrong. I contacted the developer, he said it was ok there. So I tried one thing: adobe pdf reader... My surprise: everething was fine, color OK. Considering that it happens in iphone too, I can imagine it is an Apple issue, and not developer, or vetorial software one. (Becasue this developer, was using a mac! - ilustrator for vetorial design)!

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    Tha's not a big bug...


    THIS is a big bug:



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    in fact... have to agree

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    More strange problems. I donwlownded a PDF magazine. For my surprise: 3,5Mb and 56 pages of "blank" content!!! I tried to donwloaded that again... blank.. Then.. "light".... I lauched it using adobe... and... It was there!!! That`s very very strange...considering sometimes you need to use a PDF reader for important things!!! Apple? what`s going one?

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    I notice similar problems to your original post when viewing files that use spot-color vector (I think that's what you meant ) images. In other words, Illustrator graphics that use Pantone colors.


    I just think that Preview can't handle Pantone colors. At least on my end, they keep getting converted to black when I view PDFs that contain spot color elements.


    Or, more specifically, maybe it's the newer Pantone+ colors. (Don't even get me started on them from a usability standpoint. If I had any hair left, I'd be tearing it out. )


    At any rate, spot colors view just fine in Adobe Acrobat or Reader, so I'd say use those programs for your "important things" that are more color critical.


    Or, you can contact your developer and have him convert the Pantone colors to process. Those display normally for me in Preview.


    As far as the magazine PDF you downloaded, I'm not really sure there. That sounds sort of like what I experience when "previewing" filled PDF forms using Quick Look. In Preview, though, I can see the entered text. But the magazine shouldn't be 56 pages of filled forms, anyway, and you're using Preview, not Quick Look, per your post, soooo... I'm not really sure what's up there.


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    Yes, it was really the preview app, and not the preview in finder (quick look)!

    As I said, something about 3,5mb, about 56pgs in blank loading with preview. When using adobe, f. ex., works...

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    I too am having the same problem with spot colors being displayed as black.  Big problem.

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    I'm having the same problem with Preview in 10.8.2, and the same problem when the PDF is viewed inside Mail for OS X, as well as Mail for iOS. But this tread is helpful.

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    this is a huge problem for my team.

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    Simple. Just stop using spots!

    This is a big old pain — it's a primary part of any print designer's workflow. Since Pantone's changed the color defitions to LAB (which I'm guessing they did for a good reason), it'd be awesome if my operating system could properly disply them — otherwise, I might as well trash the whole concept of preview in the Finder and start using Bridge (eek!).

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    Seeing this too. It's breaking our workflow! Any word on a fix ?